Green echinaceas & Pink double delight reviews for Zone 5

proudgrma(Zone 5)July 16, 2010

Could some of you echinacea fans who live in the colder zones give me your experience with 'Pink Double Delight' and some of the green varieties, like 'Green Envy', 'Coconut Lime' and others. Are they dependable and strong? Do they have moderate to long bloom times? Do you lose many over the winter? Thanks!

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I only have a Double Delight out of the ones you named. It blooms very well and for a long time. It has been used and abused and comes back every year. Although some stems are always floppy. I either get them with the lawn mower or prune the floppy ones down halfway. They always rebloom and are usually more sturdy the second go around.

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kiskin (5/6 in EU)(5/6 in EU)

I planted 2 Double Pink Delights last August, they were fantastic bloomers, but only one came back after the winter.

PDD is my favourite echinacea, so I made several cuttings from the one that survived and should soon have more plants! :)

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I planted 3 Coconut Limes & 3 Double Delights 2 years ago and they are amazing this year. I purchased 3 Green Envy about a month ago at my HD and they also are doing great so far.

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proudgrma(Zone 5)

Thanks for your input. Pink Double Delights are my first choice, then I'll pick coconut Limes or Green Envy. What beauties!

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For me Coconut Lime was the strongest plant out of the three. Green Envy was NOT a beauty for me. Pink Double Delight is a weak grower and number and quality of flowers fell drastically from the second year on.

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

Pink Double Delight has been anything but delightful for me.
First year from nursery was full of blooms. Second year weak growth and stunted blooms. Third year same as second.

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