mxk3(Zone 6 SE MI)July 28, 2011

*Finally* got a good, soaking rain! Was torrential at times but overall was a good soaker overnight. Such a blessing!! :0)

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all 3 minutes here

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diggerdee zone 6 CT

Lucky you, mxk! Maybe some of that rain will come east.

Tuesday evening it rained a bit, not for long and not enough. Actually, I was watering the garden, with the sun out, when the clouds came. Yeah right, I thought, and kept on watering. Then it started raining. Yeah right, I thought, and kept on watering, lol! I knew as soon as I put the hose away it would stop raining!

Spent the entire afternoon today watering... again.


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Here too (sorry Dee!!) - brief but soaking rain on Sunday night then a vicious t-storm Tuesday afternoon brought torrential downpours that lasted nearly an hour. All the bins I set out to catch rainwater had a couple of inches in them when it was finished. More rain in the forecast tonight so things are looking far better this year than a year ago. I have plastic storage bins set to catch the runoff wherever the gutters overflow + every available bucket lined up to catch as much rain as possible. By this time last summer after 3 months without a drop of rain, the lawn was shredded wheat. This year it's still lush, green and actively growing.

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

We've only had 9mm. (~1/3") of rain this month compared to our average rainfall of about 3" in July! All the 9mm. has happened this week. There has been rain all around us but virtually nothing here. Fortunately we had twice our normal rainfall in A-M-J so that has helped keep things alve and staved off watering restrictions up to this point. But, unless we get a serious soaking soon, things are going to be in trouble.

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terrene(5b MA)

Isn't rain wonderful? I sometimes think that us gardeners (and the farmers of course) realize how wonderful rain is. You can water all you want, but it's just not the same as a good rain. The plants seem so pretty and happy afterwards (including the trees, lawn etc.)

We got several small storms last weekend, that totaled almost an inch of rain. For a few days, I hardly did any watering! And I have several large gardens and what seems like a zillion seedlings.

Looks like we might get some more rain today/tonight. Xing my fingers!

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diggerdee zone 6 CT

Hey! Not fair, gardenweed! LOL! CT's a small enough state that if one section gets rain we all should, lol.

Well, we did get a bit of rain this morning. A bit more sustained than usual lately, so it's a help. At least I shouldn't have to go out and water again till at least... tomorrow, lol.

We've got more rain in the forecast too - thunderstorms - but I'm hoping they hold off till tonight. Have to be outside all afternoon.

Terrene you are so right - plants respond to rain so differently than to us watering. Nothing like a good rain.


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It was a mixed blessing Dee--the storm also knocked out power for 10 hours so no lights, no supper, no A/C or fans, no water or facilities that whole time. The storm hit just as I got home from work too so there wasn't even time to fill a kettle with water or grab a flashlight.

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Not so good here in IL, one night I got 7 inches of rainfall in a few hours. This caused the ground to saturate so much that the sump pump weren't able to keep up, so the basement got slightly wet near the sump pump. We were fortunate, our neighbor's basement flooded. Some of the plants got flooded and died.


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