Great garden year so far......

Teresa GordonJuly 2, 2014

After a very slow start this has become a great gardening year. My garden is approaching ten years and this is the best year yet. So far weeds are minimal and rain plentiful. Earwigs, slugs, and japanese beetles have failed to show up. I have a ton of desirable plants (echinacea, lobelia, rudbeckia 'Indian Summer' are just a few) reseeding. Things are absolutely flourishing. I am located in Markham, Ontario where we experienced a brutal Winter and devastating ice storm which claimed many of our shrubs and lost part of our tree canopy. Despite that or perhaps because of it this year is turning out to be a stellar gardening year. Is anyone else experiencing this? Am I speaking too soon?

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Teresa Gordon

My apologies, a very similiar thread was started on June 30th by njoasis and above post should have been posted there. Please reply to that post.

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Teresa Gordon

Well after posting the last message I wanted to read through the thread posted (I thought) by njoasis but I cannot for the life of me find it now. What the heck?

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sara82lee(8a - SE Va)

Well, even though we got a harsher "winter" than usual, that only means it snowed twice and was a bit colder than normal. So, unfortunately it seems like all of our bugs and slugs are still quite happy to live in my yard, and they are munching! I think they love the hibiscus the most, which is ironically also one of my favorites.

But right now I do think is one of the prettiest times for me. Plants are almost all blooming now, and the hottest part of the summer hasn't hit us yet that makes things start to look parched.

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I have to agree. This season is zooming along gangbusters. Perennials and annuals alike are exploding.
Ain't it grand?

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mxk3(Zone 6 SE MI)


Although the mosquitos are out in full force with all the moisture we've had, but I'll take that over having to run the sprinklers regularly ($$$), especially since I think the plants respond better to rainfall opposed to watering from the tap -- they just seem lusher after a good rain. Plus, the toads are out in good numbers too -- lots of teeny ones this year, hoping they will set up house permanently and grow into big, fat bug eatin' machines next year.

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Teresa Gordon

Yes, I also have a lot of toads and dragonflies too. Love them in the garden.

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