MTD transmission grease

jimengeleSeptember 18, 2013

MTD 13ag675g033
serial 1j246c50147

transmission model 618-0163a

The bolt that holds the differential gears together broke and busted up the aluminum case. I was able to come up with a grade 8 bolt that I cut down lengthwise to fit, that works well thanks to mownie for suggesting I use a grade 8 bolt. I also patched up the case with JB weld, aluminum scrap and fiberglass. I cleaned out much of the existing grease that was in there except for inside the differential.

I didn't take the steel cover off the differential partly because there isn't a parts diagram available and because so far I didn't need to.

I wanted to put the recommended grease back into it but MTD lists their Bentonite type 0 for $20 for 8oz and they don't have any in stock. The manual suggests using Shell grease which with a little research I found to be Shell Darina type 0 clay based. Apparently they don't make it anymore and nobody makes clay based at all anymore. The closest I found was Shell Gladus type 0.5 $6 for 14oz from Mcmaster Carr.

Here's my question: If I'm going to switch grease, should I open up the differential so I can clean out the old grease in there? I'm not sure I want them to mix but they likely will a little, maybe not? I was thinking I should pack more grease into the differential, maybe I shouldn't? Anybody have experience opening one of these up?

A related question is: how tight should I make the bolt that holds the spider gears together? If I make it too tight the axles don't move smoothly, I can feel each tooth engaging as the axles turn. I'm thinking of locktiting the nut on just barely hand tight. Any thoughts?

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I just found this post about grease and I was wondering the same thing if anyone mixed their own grease and oil together?

"Posted by ralphm (My Page) on Mon, Feb 25, 13 at 17:06
Has anyone out there seen the Youtube transaxle repair video called "How to repair a transaxle, sorry no mower mudding in this one.. . Following a minor repair, the mechanic cleans all the grease off the gears and the inside of the transaxle case. Instead of applying new grease, he uses a mixture of gear oil and Lucas Oil Stabilizer. The stabilizer causes the gear oil to adhere to all the moving parts. This lubrication scheme seems so much better than using grease.
After 16 years of service on my lawn mower transaxle, I want to open it up, inspect it. and if necessary, replace any worn parts. Prior to closing it up, I want to add a lubricant. Dana, the transaxle manufacturer, recommends a grease P/N FT-4000. I like the idea of using the gear oil mixture instead of the grease, Has anyone else out there tried using the gear oil mixture? If so, how did it turn out?"

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probably not much help costwise, but search for Peerless/Tecumseh Bentonite grease.

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That is much better than the MTD stuff at $20 for 32oz, I can live with that. Now to see if I can find some before Saturday, I really want to get this transmission back on the machine.

From what my research tells me, I think Peerless is the manufacturer of the transmission, made for MTD. Tecumseh and Peerless joined forces a long time ago and as of 3 years ago, Husqvarna bought Tecumseh-Peerless.

If I can't find Bentonite by Saturday, I think I'll clean out the differential and fill everything up with the Shell Gladus and hope for the best. I'm going to try calling my Sears Service Centers and see if they have it in stock.

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Feast ur eyes

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Ah! Boy I wish I had found some around here. I already got the other stuff from Mcmaster Carr so I was hesitant to order this. I gave up trying to find it around here, where did you get that from and is it type 0?

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Feast ur eyes

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