How best to dig up these pest camphor laurels?

naikii(9a / 8b)May 4, 2013

Hey all, in my back yard currently are some camphor laurels, which from a far look like one tree, but as you get close you notice its actually a clump of about 10 trees. I would dig these guys out, as they are an invasive pest.

I dont have any tools apart from a shovel, pickaxe and hand saw (well, there is a chainsaw in the garage but dont know how to use it, and I think the hand saw will be sufficient..)

Will this be enough to do this job? If any one has any experience with a similar task, about how much of a challenge will I be in for? DO their roots run deep, or are they pretty easy to dig up. They are growing on clay.

Here are some pics for reference.


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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

If it was me I would get some stump killer, have it ready, cut off everything flat a few inches from the ground, apply the stump killer right away, and leave the whole mess for a year or so. At that point digging up the roots will be pretty easy.

But note that I am not very strong, and pretty lazy.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i agree.. i would not work that hard..

it looks like your yard is large enough.. that you couldnt just leave the stump to rot ...

and anything the sprouts out..after amputation .. should be snipped and dropped with more stump killer ... just a few drops on small suckers ... until it gives up the ghost ....


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You are so lucky to have camphor trees, hey smell wonderful! This is one my dream trees to have. Can we communicate and perhaps you would be very kind to mail me some fresh seeds please! Obs: dry seeds do not germinate, thank you.

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