ran over a rock with tractor

emmitt99September 19, 2013

Hi all. Ran over a rock with my Sears lawn tractor and it stopped the mowers and engine cold. Something got knocked out of alignment because I found one of the mandrel pulleys is now touching the belt minder, which is located right next to the pulley. This was keeping the pulley from turning at first and the engine would stall when I tried to engage the mowers. Managed to push the pulley and belt minder apart enough to allow the mowers to work, but the pulley is now wearing 2 big grooves in the belt minder. Not good.
Before I buy any new parts, is there a good way to tell which component(s) are bent, whether it is the pulley or the belt minder, or maybe that brake link bar that controls the belt tension for the blades? These components look undamaged but there is obviously a problem in there.


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You've probably bent the deck area around the spindle.

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Emmitt99 - remove mower deck from tractor. Take a good close-up pix of damaged area. Post back here so we can see what happened. Also look into chassis cavity under tilting seat - get full 917.xxxxxx model number off ID plate/decal - post here so we know exactly which machine you have.

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I have hit things and had to have the wheels welded back in place, but never damaged the spindles.

I would suspect you can tell if anything is bent using a variation of leveling your deck. The tip of the Blade should be the same distance from the ground all around the the circle that the tip moves when the blade is engaged.

If there are differences in distance the original tip is from the ground as it goes around the circle, it could indicate the spindle is bent. Both tips should be similar distance from the ground.

All blades should be check, and the distance from the ground should be similar for both blades

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