Snapper Clutch/Brake Cable

smithwicks51September 26, 2010

Does anyone know how to replace the Snapper Clutch/Brake Cable? My Snapper is a Model YT12D Series 4 Tractor. The connection made onto the end of this cable (broken), should hook between the Clutch/Brake arm and the Pedal Pivot Bracket on one end. It is the other end that I am not sure where it connects. It could go to the Brake Drum, but I am not sure that is where it goes. If anyone has a Service Manual for this model a picture would be very helpful. Thanks

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I'm unable to post photos now but I'll try to explain it.I don't have direct experience on this model,but it looks like the cable runs to the rear,first passing through a bracket on the (drivers) L/H side of the clutch yoke just below the clutch spring,Then to the brake pivot lever going through a hole at the top of the bracket,there are ferrules to adjust the brake,I suppose the same for the clutch "remove the rear cover plate move a loose ferrule to the rear of the brake pivot lever to increase braking".

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Thanks for the information. If you can get me a photo it will really help. I still have a couple of days before the new cable get here. But I will try to see if I can follow your directions.

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Find the chassis data decal or plate and post the full, technical model number and the serial number of the mower.
Snapper once offered down loadable service manuals online, but they required model number AND serial number to be filled in first.
Post the numbers so members might find an online manual, that would trump a photo in most cases.

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Go to Snapper,com,click
"manuals",enter "YT12D414B". You will be given a list of parts lists and operators manuals,download one of each.

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Guy's thanks so much. I have been trying to get one of these from Snapper and have even talked to their Tech Support guys and they denied that this manual existed. I new there had to be a manual like this because at one time they sent me the page that shows the two blade belt routing. This will make this repair a snap (excuse the pun).

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glad to help. Don't know about a service manual.there's probably one somewhere

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There's a service manual,#07007, 2/92, YT/GT tractors.Try good luck it worked for me.

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