Quercus Fusi still has brown leaves- FREE

poaky1May 15, 2014

I am not sure if it will be okay even, but it has brown leaves, the buds look like they may be fine. If anyone in zone 7 or 6, but dry climate want to try it. Otherwise it will be cut down and killed. My climate isn't too cold for it necesarily, but is too wet. It has been in my yard for about 2 years and is only about 15-17 inches tall. No guarantees it will live. I will ask for $8.00 for shipping. I will prune the roots down alot, so you don't have to pay a ton in shipping, but will leave about 6 inches of roots. Maybe I should just cull it. Well, If anyone wants it, let me know. I am not even sure what shipping will cost. Anyone in a drier climate would be out west a bit, so I guessed at $8.00, but since there is no gaurantee, most may not want to bother. If I wait too long, it may leaf out, and have to wait til winter or fall. Unless someone wants it as a shrub, in wetter climes. The buds appear okay. Maybe I should just cull it. It isn't in leaf yet. I guess it's a gamble.

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It sounds like a bad deal, but is still dormant, and can be shipped. I will be shocked if anyone wants to give it a chance. In my climate it gets brown leaves and puts new out, but it is slow at it. I will give up and get rid of it after a week May 25, 2014.

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