Can I swap Transaxle's?

tcerieSeptember 4, 2007

I have a Craftsman 6 speed tractor, the transaxle gave up the, and I'm not spending the $900+ dollars for one.

I found a 5 speed transaxle on Ebay, different part numbers but they look the same.

The one I have has a spicer part # of: 4360-7

My tractors model # is: 917.255540

The one on Ebay has a spiceer part # of: 4360-56-137371

and the tractor model is: 917.254860

I could do without some of the higher speeds.

Or should I just go out a buy another tractor?

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mith(South England)

Even if it doesnt match exactly then it wont be hard to fit in. I put second hand transmissions in tractors regularly, at the worst I have had to drill a few new holes.

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That transaxle is $246. What's up with the $900 quote?
Jeez you could install a hydro for that much. What all happened to your six-speed?

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Where are you seeing it for $246? Can you provide the link?
Sears website had it for around $931.

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Sears quoted my transaxle at $800+.
You can get the exact same transaxle from a online source using the source code for about 50% of that.

Do a websearch using your sears part # for the transaxle.
One of the results should lead you to the brand and direct source. From there you can find an online source.

Example: My transaxle went on Model #: 917.270963
Transaxle is Hydro Gear Sears #: 314-0510

Froogle shows: $453.00 shows: 444.00

Plus an hour or two to install would add another hundred bucks or so.

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Try the sears site again. I just check and found this item for $267.80.

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According to outdoor distributors:

As to what happened to the transaxle, 2 holes in the top, 1 big gaping hole in the bottom.

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I have to agree with larryf.
That part is listed at Sears for 250.
137367R (120898X)
$ 267.80
Note: Subtotal does not include shipping, handling and tax.

Online alternative the replacement transaxle is around $550.

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I see them at the flea market for 50 bucks every now and then. I should of brought the last one I saw it looked like new. The 5 speed should work just fine if the price is right. mean while you can crack open the one with the hole in it, usually the chain just breaks, chain sprocket, or the spiders wear out, as far as the hole it can be welded.

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