weigela wine & rose not flowering anymore

v1rtJuly 25, 2008

I bought my weigela almost 40 days ago. When I bought, it had beautiful flowers. However, the seller told me that it will flower again. However, I haven't seen any flowers anymore.

Also, the leaves aren't as maroon as it used to be. It gets sun around 12pm and onwards. So it gets like 7 to 8 hours of sun daily. I like it because it's not wilting but the foliage color has lost its dark maroon color.

Am I missing anything?

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It really is a shrub that may or may not flower again. It definitely will bloom profusely in late spring/early summer each year, and then have sporadic re-bloom through out the summer. It might not bloom this year again even if it re-blooms in subsequent years because of being transplanted into your garden. Many plants will naturally work on growing roots instead of upper growth or flowers after going in a garden.
The foliage will be darkest in complete full sun. No sun all morning will affect the color.

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Oh, that's the reason why it's not that maroon dark. I'm not sure if I should move it because the foliage is very healthy. What do you think?

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I am in the same predicament as you. Mine are planted where they get the afternoon sun into the evening. The foliage looks great but no flowers. They have grown quickly in size so I think I will let them stay where they are.

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I have four varieties on the property and enjoy all of them.

The Wine and Roses is planted in full sun. I'm a cheapo gardener and acquired it from the 'dud' pile of a nursery for $3.00 last August. The shrub was about 2.5 feet tall and in bad shape. After planting it was kept well watered for the first few weeks, the hose left trickling at it's feet for some time once a week.

This year it flowered GREAT! We have had a dryer than normal summer and it is growing fine. So, yes you can move it now, but make sure it gets plenty of water for the first while.

Weigelas will bloom in the early season, but don't expect anything after that. If you get something, it's a bonus.

Since flowers grow on the previous year's new growth, prune only immediately after flowering. I prune the flowering tips from the present year and get great results the following year.

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How would I prune mine if I didn't get any flowers this year? My plants are maybe a lttle over a month old and they never flowered. Should I prune in the fall or just let them go?

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Will this technique work for weigelas? Grabing like 2 or 3 inches with few leaves and scrape the bottom part and stick it in to the soil?

Cutting and planting plants

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Karchita(WA Z8)

If you got your plants a month ago, they may have been done flowering for this year by then.

No, I would not prune any young plants, in general. Wait a year or two and see how they are settling in. If you prune your weigela now or this fall, you would cut off any buds that it might have grown for next year.

I also would not be very concerned about lack of bloom in young plants, in general. I am not sure about weigelas specifically (I think mine bloomed the second year I had it but not the first), but lots of shrubs will not bloom when they are very young or have been recently transplanted.

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If you have branches which are close to the soil, simply bend the branch, 'plant' the bend into the soil and anchor the section with a rock or piece of wire. I use old coat hangers. Mulch a bit more when the winter starts and in the spring you should have roots. Simply separate from the parent plant and place where you like in the gardens.

You can also do cuttings, but the layering technique described above will give better results. In my case it has never failed. I have four variegated Weigelas rooting from the main one right now. One is well rooted from last year and will be moved in the fall.

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caroline_2008(Z 6)

I have had my wine and roses bush for about 4 years, it did
not bloom first year, and very few the second year, then
zoom it took off and was loaded with beautiful blooms, I deadheaded them and it bloomed again this year. Mine is a beautiful
dark green & wine leafed bush now. I fertilize it a bit and keep it watered. Good luck with yours. I have mine in full sun.

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I second caroline's post.

I've had mine for 3 or 4 years. Hardly any blooms the first two, last year had some. This year really bloomed, I then deadheaded and got a flush of second blooms. I also pruned it back early in the season (February) while it was still dormant.

Mine gets full sun from noon forward and the foliage is a nice dark maroon/green combo. I haven't fertilized or anything this year (though I did last year) - maybe I was fertilizing too much in prior years?

I don't think you need to move it. Just let it establish itself for awhile, deadhead after bloom, prune in early spring when plant is still dormant - remove the oldest wood at the base of the plant - these old twigs should be removed all the way to the base, then shape the rest of it the way you want and enjoy the show.

Good luck.

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