exmarSeptember 14, 2013

Hi Folks,

Anybody done business with "MowtownUSA?" I'm looking for brake pucks for the GT, Sears has them for their usual expensive price and expensive shipping. They seem to be available at variious sites around the web, however the part number changes and usually ends up being 136925 instead of 136923? Mowtown lists 136923 at a reasonable cost.

GT is 917.275972.

Thanks for your time,


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txtom50(8a texas)

Here's some feedback from

Here is a link that might be useful: Mowtownusa customer reviews

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Thanks txtom, that gives me the info I was wondering about. Also, never heard of that review site before and it is now stored away for future use!

Thanks again,


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ROFL! Today I got an email from Sears that they'd noticed I'd left their site without ordering the part and gave me a code for a 10% discount.

That helped some, so I ordered the pucks.

With all the JD tractors, dozer and other equipment we've got here I should be used to paying high prices without "even getting a kiss." :-)

Oh well, took me a lot of years to get old and crotchety so may as well enjoy it.


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Now that Sears is circling the drain they are at least giving you the illusion they want your business. I hope they survive.

Anymore I buy from vendors where I have protection. More and more places ship the wrong parts or inferior parts or wrong quantity and I no longer waste my time trying to deal with bad or no customer service. I just call my CC company, dispute the charge, and let the vendor explain it to them.

Amazon is great for stuff they sell and their A-Z guarantee for buyers and their strict policing of their partners. Amazon really sets the bar.

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Lurker, couldn't agree more with you. I, also, hope Sears survives.

Amazon is amazing, wonder how long it can last? For a couple of years now, I've used them for oil, air, fuel, filters, etc. They're already changing things though. We have the $79 Prime membership, free online videos, shipping, etc. Good deal, however, they've now introduced "ship with" so you don't get free shipping until you buy $25 of other stuff and "ship with" items don't count towards the $25.

Back to Sears, I'm of a vintage that when you got your first house, you got the mortgage, then a Sears CC and bought everything there. Including, ....40lb. boxes of dry laundry detergent. :-) Nothing constant except change I guess.


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Know what you mean. I grew up 1 mile from a Sears catalog fulfillment center and lived J.C. Higgins, Ted Williams, and Silvertone brands.

As far as Amazon's $25 free shipping... first it's smartpost which proves to be DUMBpost. Second, spending $25 today is like spending $5 a few decades ago so I can always find stuff to meet the minimum.

What rubs me is the $75 Prime charge. Make me buy $75 or $100 to get 2 day air at no charge... fine. Ask me to pay for the service then no thanks.

Too much stuff I buy now days makes the shipper more profit then the vendor and that rubs me the wrong way. $10 part and $12 UPS minimum shipping charge... screw that.

Maybe more businesses will pick up on what a deal USPS Priority Mail is and offer that service as an alternative to UPS.

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Good news, the order arrived today!!! :-) Bad news, I only got one puck!!! :-( This is after I called prior to placing the order and verified with a Sears "parts specialist" that the part number I was ordering was for two pucks and not one. I was assured I would get two.

Called Sears, finally connected to someone in a foreign call center, insisted they connect me to the US, it finally happened. Long story short, they're sending me the missing puck, for free....:-)

I'm getting too old for this BS!!

FYI, this is the second time I've ordered "Genuine Craftsman Parts" this year and both times they've arrived with a "Genuine Husqvarna" return address and packaging.


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