Tell me about Blue Bayou (Floribunda, 1993)

Molineux(6b)June 4, 2014

I've had my eye on this lavender Floribunda for some time now. More than one rosarian has noted this as the most beautiful lavender rose. However, I have absolutely no experience with it. Heirloom should be offering it own root next year. I was thinking about planting it with Blue-for-You in a bed devoted to lavender roses. Two others I'm considering is either Royal Amethyst or Melody Parfumee (as an Angel Face substitute, which I've never been able to grow to any satisfaction).

How do these roses do own root? Is Blue Bayou fragrant (I've read contrasting reports). I spray so disease resistance shouldn't be an issue. I[m more interesting in knowing about the plants vigor.

This pic of Blue Bayou by Nanadoll at another RF thread made my jaw drop.

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Ninkasi(6ish Germany)

Lavender roses are my favorite and when I saw that picture my jaw dropped too-- I had to have it. Imagine my excitement when I found it was bred by Kordes, just north of here. But, I found Kordes is not selling it direct anymore. No clue why--

Now they are really pushing floribunda Novalis (Poseidon) lavender rose. You might consider it as an alternative. It was awarded the independent all German Rose trial badge for hardiness and blooms. It is very close to Blue Bayou in color and very beautiful.

Here is a link that might be useful: Novalis Rose HMF

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seil zone 6b MI

That is beautiful! But I see it's really hard to find. I have Love Song and I'm very happy with how much it blooms and how healthy it is for me.

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Rosecandy VA, zone 7

Not answering your question, but why do you say it'll be available at Heirloom next year? Did you contact them about it or are you assuming?

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BLUE BAYOU is listed as sold out at the Heirloom site. I'm assuming it will be available again next year. If it isn't then I suppose I'll substitute either BLUEBERRY HILL or WILD BLUE YONDER. I really want to stick to Floribundas as the bed is intended for hedging and garden display rather than cut flowers.

Image of Wild Blue Yonder by pat_bamaZ7.

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the_morden_man((Z4-Z5) Ontario, Canada)

It's a weak grower that lacks vigour and it is fairly disease prone to BS in particular.

Forget BB all together Patrick and just get Poseidon (Novalis). Apart from a lack of fragrance, you will not be disappointed in any other regard. It's the best rose currently available in this colour scheme and I've tried most of them at one time or another as I'm fond of Lavender roses.

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No fragrance? Well that scratches Poseidon permanently off my list. Sorry but I only grow strongly perfumed roses.

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the_morden_man((Z4-Z5) Ontario, Canada)

Understood, but shame nontheless. It's an exceptional rose in all other regards.

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ratdogheads(5b NH)

Melody Parfumee has a heavenly fragrance, more on the pink side than blue, lightly stippled, HT style blooms with good substance.

Blueberry Hill is a nice healthy rose, own root, very hardy. I don't think I've noticed much of a fragrance. I like the semi-double blossoms better than Love Song, but that's a matter of my taste. Love Song blooms more than Blueberry Hill, but it tends to ball and wilt for me when it's wet and humid.

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I've smelled BLUEBERRY HILL before and for me it has a strong fruity (apple) fragrance. Glad to know it grows well own root.

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dove_song(WA State Z6b)

Patrick, I agree that that pic of Blue Bayou by Nanadoll really IS extra special!! WOW!!! :-)

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the_bustopher z6 MO

I have two Blue Bayous, and neither one of them do very much. They have pretty silvery lavender flowers, but not many of them. My best of the lavender floribundas are Blueberry Hill, Blue for You, and Simply Marvelous. Melody Parfumee, for me, is quite pretty, prolific, and highly fragrant. It grows to be quite tall and is very prone to blackspot. It is a grandiflora rather than a floribunda, just in case that matters.

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nanadollZ7 SWIdaho(Zone 7 Boise SW Idaho)

Hi Molineux, of all the lavenders and purples I grow, I now think Love Song is my favorite. Time will tell, I guess, since it was in the ground just this last June. But, what a rose. It hasn't behaved like a lavender at all, but more like a Julia Child. What a bloom machine for a baby rose. I have Blueberry Hill and don't particularly like it because it can't take our summer heat. It blooms beautifully in the spring, rests a long time, and then starts blooming again with each bloom crisping in the sun within hours. It's true that Blue Bayou doesn't bloom a lot, but those blooms are worth it. Diane

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nanadollZ7 SWIdaho(Zone 7 Boise SW Idaho)

Here's one more photo. This time it's Blueberry Hill in the spring. Diane

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ingrid_vc(Z10 SoCal)

Wild Blue Yonder looked very pretty the first year, but after that became tall, rangy and awkward looking, with thick canes and less bloom. I reluctantly took it out from its prominent spot near the front door.


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I really love my Blueberry Hill. I also love Love Song, but a different bloom. I also grow Blue Bayou, but it is not a strong bloomer. When it does bloom, it is very lovely. Just wanted to share my BH. Lesley

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jjpeace (zone 5 US/zone 6 Can)

Well Molineux, if you haven't figured it by now, Diane is a flower goddess disguised as a regular poster with that magic touch most of us regular mortals do not have. Every pic that Diane has posted looks even better than any botanical garden pictures I've ever seen. (grin).

I agree BB is beautiful but since I do not spray, I will not grow it. I will probably grow Poseidon or Novalis if I can find it this year. Fragrance is not my top priority as I grow other fragrant varieties. BS and flower forms is a must for me.

Lesmc, your pic is quite misleading. Your Blueberry Hill is so gorgeous that all the pics I have seen in Rose Search website pales in comparison. If I ever grow this rose, it would be because of you. When I look at the pics in rose search, I wasn't convinced because most of them looks too pink or too blowsy. Your rose should be the covergirl for this variety.

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