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restlessMay 3, 2007


Could anyone tell what kind of company Empire National Nursery, LLC IS? I mean, how reputable are they? I ordered 13 of their Ameri-willow trees for $90.00 in March and they told me they would be sending them about mid April after the weather got warmer. Well here in Wisconsin we got some heavy snow and cold after Easter. So I assumed the would wait a little longer. Well now that the weather is nice I thought they would send them anytime. I have emailed them three times without getting ang response from them. I can't help but wonder if I got taken. They have no telephone number. Has anyone done business with this nursery?



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Received my ameriwillow on April 26.

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I was about to say "Call them" because you are more likely to get a quick response. But when I searched their website, I found that they do not list a phone number. The website has a statement that they do not list a phone number and are not listed in the phone book because phone calls take too much time. This is highly unusual and is a "red flag."

We have a publishing business and sell our products online so I have experience with this problem.
If you paid for your trees by credit card (and I hope you did), check your credit card statement. The company name and phone number should be listed on your statement.

If you don't find a phone number, contact your credit card company and advise them that you did not receive your order, tried to contact the company without success. The bank will issue a "Charge Back," will not pay the bill, will charge an additional fee to the company, and will send the company a great deal of paperwork that takes a huge amount of time to complete if they want to dispute your claim.

I went to the Whois Domain Name site to find out who owns the site. The information is interesting:
Phillipps, Scott
3500 Redwood Hwy
Grants Pass, OR 97527

Domain Name: CDR3.COM

Administrative Contact:
Phillipps, Scott enn3@TERRAGON.COM
3500 Redwood Hwy
Grants Pass, OR 97527
(541) 474-2297 fax: 999 999 9999

Technical Contact:
Network Solutions, LLC.
13861 Sunrise Valley Drive
Herndon, VA 20171
1-888-642-9675 fax: 571-434-4620

Record expires on 21-Sep-2012.
Record created on 20-Sep-1997.
Database last updated on 4-May-2007 12:14:40 EDT.
Good luck,

Here is a link that might be useful: Domain Info for Empire Nursery/ CDR3.COM

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treeguy_ny USDA z6a WNY

I purchased from them a few years ago. Half my order arrived dead or on death's door. They did replace them however. Still, to avoid the possibility of future hassles, I won't order from them again.

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They only have a few reports at Garden Watchdog . com although one of them mentioned they have no tel# listed that they got their order ok anyway.

Nevermind the lack of phone number they are selling stuff like ameri-willow and paulownia miracle trees. Probably lombardy poplars too. Magic bean stalks for the desperate privacy and shade deprived. Would you like to supersize that? Bradford pear?

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I only bought the ameriwillow out of spite. They write on their website that ameriwillow is a hybrid of the black willow, but don't name the other species involved. So I asked them in an email, which other species is used for the hybrid, and they say its a company secret. Duh, so stupid. It wouldn't matter keeping it a secret. I can create mass cuttings of this one individual plant and will probably have over a 1000 in the next decade. Such a stupid answer, they don't have to lie if they don't know anything. But anyways, it was only 2 or 3 abes and it gives me a chance to give them a negative at gardenwatchdog if their ameriwillow doesn't live up to hype.

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Have you noticed, Only in the green industry can you lie, be secretive, peddle inferior products and make buying difficult and still stay in business for a long long time. You almost can't blame the company. To tell you the truth I don't.

Giving someone money out of spite is a little.... Hey, LKZ how about I do something to make you mad?

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Buyer beware.

Empire National Nursery refuses to allow customers to contact them directly. They provide an email address, but do not answer email in a timely manner. This is a 'red flag' that people need to consider when purchasing over the Internet.
If Restless wants to pursue this, he/she should consider contacting the owner of the website who may also be the owner of Empire Nursery. At a minimum, Scott Phillips of Grants Pass, OR has a financial relationship with them, although the physical address given by Empire Nursery is in NC.

Scott Phillipps
3500 Redwood Hwy
Grants Pass, OR 97527
(541) 474-2297


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quirkyQ, you notice they had something that I wanted. What do you have that I want???

I remember in the late '90s getting a free tree from them, it died, but under my brown thumb at the time. They didn't ask for any shipping and handling or anything else. It was the only place on the internet that was offering a tree for nothing in return. At the time I thought they were located in Oregon. I found this on the internet "Colorado Blue Spruce's Grown in our Oregon Tree and Plant Nursery"

I'm sure they say that about other trees, too. So whatever the case, alot of the trees you are buying from them could be coming from oregon, therefore, the connection with Oregon is made.

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I can sell you my Ameriwillow. A special cultivar of native willow but I will not tell you more about it... I will be secretive, ok! You can propogate it if you want I suppose LOL.

I will also offer you via private sale PAulownia, Mimosa , chinese privet and wisteria. You'd be in heaven. Oh yeahs I got some of that too. Tree of heaven, 5 plants for $19.99 plus shipping and handling. Kudzu vines and bradford pears are only $9.99 each potted size. Wowzas.

I'll gladly withold my phone number and take 3 weeks to get around to your email but I promise I will prompty charge your credit card.

How does that sound? I can be really accommodating too!

You don't want none of that oregon grown plants. Get your plants from GA because our plants are more *drought*tolerant*! Wow! Drought tolerant! Can you believe it?

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J.l. hudson doesn't have a phone number and they are a quality business.

If you sell junk, people talk. Empire national nursery is no tyty or burgess, they have 95 score on gardenwatchdog.

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Yeah but only a handful of reviews.
And yes people talk but some how... some way... they stay in business. Even the TyTy's of the world.

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Buyer beware, indeed! I know for a fact that this "nursery" is now located in Virginia. If you risk sending your credit card info to them for a stick wrapped in shredded newspaper in a plastic bag, well, good luck. If the stick-tree isn't dead when you get it, it most likely won't last too long after planting. If you try to contact them, there is no phone number on the website and the email comes back as undelivered because the email box is full. Don't waste your time or money on this fly-by-night outfit.

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hairmetal4ever(Z7 MD)

RUN, don't walk, away. Don't look back.

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