JD LA110 bent mower deck

sippinjoes(7)September 28, 2008

I ran over a stump with my LA110 and the right blade started digging in the ground. I replace the bent blade and quickly noticed that the new straight blade was not level. I inspected the spindle and it seemed okay, however, the area the spindle attaches too was bent. So, my spindle slants toward the front because my mower deck is now bent. Anyone ever have this issue and have any tips for correcting it. I plan on pounding on it some more with a hammer, but wanted to check for tips. My lawn is not well manicured as I have over an acre with too many trees, roots, and stumps at the moment, so precision is not important yet...I'll buy new deck when it is.



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davidandkasie(Z8 MS)

remove the deck, remove the spindle, and pound it out with a sledge hammer and a board. you can get it pretty much back to normal USUALLY.

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Yep, the sledge hammer is about the only way to go with that. I had to do that job on a Craftsman deck, and my Porto-power auto body jack wouldn't push it, so i tookit off, turned it over, and about beat it to death with my BFH, but i got it done! That was last summer---and now, the guy called me about a week ago or so, and sez he hit the same rock and did it again! Guess i'd better get over there and fix it.

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The only problem with the hammer method is the blade/spindle assembly in not likely to be perfectly true to the other blades/spindles when you are done. This is a real pain but you might over bending it "up", reassemble it and then bring deck "home" while the deck is on the tractor constantly measuring where you are relative to the other blades.

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