Is this an elm with tiny leaves?

RavenJamie(7)May 17, 2014

Our builder planted this tree in front of our House in Maryland in 2012. They claim that it is an American Elm, but the leaves just seem too tiny compared to other elms that I have seen in person and in pictures. Bases on this picture does this tree look like a variety of American elm?
Thank you

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Here is another picture of the tree itself.

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That is definitely not an American elm. It does however look like to be a hybrid Elm which has many similarities and smaller leaves. I am guessing that it is probably a frontier elm tree. Do you know what color the leaves turn in the fall? The other elm it kind of looks like it is a new horizon elm, but the leaves look to be a little small and not dark green enough. See link for other possibe varieties you may want to google...... nice tree!


Here is a link that might be useful: Elm Cultivators

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After looking at the pictures more, I think it may be a Chinese elm which is also known as a Lacebark elm. They have very small leaves and are very disease resistant. they are less American elm like than the hybrid cultivators, but are usually very free of problems and have a nice shape, although much smaller leaves and mature size than an actual American elm.

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I have these trees, and they are Chinese Elms. Very nice trees.

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Thank you for the great answers. The builder told me that it was an American Elm last year, so I was certainly researching the wrong tree. Since then, they have planted several real American Elms that certainly look fuller with much larger, darker leaves. Now I know that I have a Chinese Elm. Hopefully the bark gets as interesting as the pictures that I see online.

Here's 1 more picture of the leaves.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

get rid of that stake .. or stake it right..

as it is right now.. in a good wind.. all it will do.. is snap the top off ...

to decide if it is necessary ... we need to know you soil type ...


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Thanks for the stake advice. It had two stakes, but one broke last year and the tree was leaning a little in one direction, so I naively thought that a year staked to one side would help.

It was planted in June 2012, so the stakes can probably come up.

Our soil is pretty heavy with a reddish clay, so the ground is solid.

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