Toba Hawthorn Tree

hawthorn123May 17, 2013

I have a Toba Hawthorn tree in the front yard. I honestly can't remember when it was planted - it is at least 8 years old and certainly is not impressing me. It has beautiful blossoms, the leaves are not compromised by rust or disease, the trunk is getting thicker but it has hardly increased in height since it was planted.

One year a spring snow storm after it had leafed out caused the loss of one major top branch and then the following spring another spring snow storm after the tree had leafed out caused it to fall forward and the back half of the root system pulled out of the ground. We dug it back into the ground and supported the tree for the next 3 years with stakes and cord.

I was weeding around the base of the tree tonight and leaned on it and felt it move significantly. For such a thick trunk and for how long the tree has been planted it seems very unstable. Do Hawthorns have a very shallow root system? I'm thinking since it's not growing taller I should replace it now rather than later.


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bboy(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

The usual problem with wobbly trees and shrubs is root systems deformed by careless container culture at production facilities. Chances are your tree has a ball of roots at the base of the stem that are not providing adequate anchorage, part of their length being involved in going in circles or forming abrupt angles instead of gripping the soil.

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Given the age of the tree can anything be done to rectify this problem or do you have to start over with a new tree?

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I carefully dug around the base of the tree and discovered it does not have a large root system in two directions. There are large structural roots going off in the other two directions.

From this I'm thinking that the uprooting in the spring storm tore off two of its major root supports that never redeveloped.

Am I right in thinking that if these essential structual support roots have not been replaced they never will be and the tree will never be stable.

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