Leaking gas tank on LTZ1000 Craftsman lawn tractor

muttaSeptember 11, 2010

After smelling gas fumes in my garage I finally took the time to check out my sears lawn tractor gas tank. The tank

is seeping gas out of the seam. The tank number is 109202x

and the replacement tank is 184900. I had the small engine

shope order me a new tank(Cost of $26.56 plus tax). I went on line and see that this is a common problem with this type gas tank(looks like the replacement is made the same way).Did a search and came up with, http://en.allexperts.com/q/Small-Engines-Lawn-1746/f/Craftsman-LT1000-fuel-tank.htm Seems some had them fixed under a recall than ended 08/01........one guy had his fixed after warranty ran out by calling sears.

Why is there not a recall on this from sears???? I will be sending this info to sears ceo.......and the CPSC.

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How old did you say your tractor was?

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It was bought may of 2001.........so recall never made it to me for some reason................

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Sometimes a "recall" isn't really a federally mandated recall at all.
Some recalls really amount to the OEM getting hit with a bunch of failures during the warranty period of the machine (read that as "premature failure) where the OEM has to belly up to the bar and pay for those failures.
Once the OEM has enough proof of defective whateveritis they bought from the lowest bidding vendor for those whatevertheyare, the OEM will call the vendor to the office and demand the supplier of the thingiestheyare to stand behind their defective product.
Often, the vendor and the OEM will agree on coverage of a specific "lot number or production run" of the components and handle the problem by either contacting the consumers who bought products with the affected component to offer a replacement even if the part has not failed yet. Or they may say that if the part has failed, it will be replaced.

If your tractor fuel tank had begun leaking 8 years ago, you would have stood a better chance of getting a free tank replacement.
Realistically speaking, a plastic fuel tank that begins leaking 9 years after DOM would/could arguably have failed due to reasons other than "defective workmanship or materials", at least that's what the lawyers would say.

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Mownie, maybe the lawyer would say I twisted the gas cap on too tight too many times and therefore made the seam on the cheap tank come apart? Or that I must have not followed preventive maintance on the gas tank? Or that I abused the gas tank? Hope all you owners start checking your gas tanks, this replacement looks cheaper than the orginal............yep nine years is good for the tank with
the vibration from the Kohler Pro single engine.......

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