The joys of composting

bibbus(7b)August 29, 2014

OK, maybe I'm a little effusive, but turning my almost-finished compost pile this morning, seeing the steam escape was enough to make me really happy. It took a number of years to get the hang of hot composting but I now have three compost piles going at one time - two for my veggie garden and one for the yard and non edibles. I feel better using printer paper and other things I'm not totally comfortable composting for my edibles on my lawn and flowers.

It really feels great to turn garbage into a fluffy, beautiful soil amendment that helps the environment, my budget and my food. This is the BEST year I've ever had in the garden. I still did have to battle tomato blight but I had a bumper crop of huge tomatoes despite the blight. No complaints here. I'd love to hear your composting experiences.

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I know the feeling of having a warm/hot compost pile, I've taken tons of pictures trying to capture the steam. It sort of feels like this



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Happiness is a warm compost pile?

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