Growing Gladiolas

LB999July 24, 2012

I hope someone can help with a few basic questions about growing glads! Will the bulbs spread for more &/or will I need to dig up the bulbs I've planted in the Fall?

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First of all, where are you? Are you in a climate where they overwinter, or somewhere you need to dig. Zone 6 and warmer they generally make it with good mulching in well-drained soil.

They multiply, but they' don't really "spread" since they don't have a mechanism to move by seeding, etc. as some bulbs do (at least never have for me). So you will need to dig and redistribute if you want more clumps.

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You'll get lots of little "cormlets" from each old corm, but it'll be some years before they get to blooming size.

If you're below zone 6 and have to dig and store, you can save the bigger (or all of them if you're so inclined) of the cormlets along with the new corm - but, again, it'll be years before the little ones bloom for you.

I don't always grow glads, but when I do, I never bother to save them once I dig them up in the fall. They get composted.

If you do dig - cut the fans down to 5-6", dry them well on a piece of newspaper spread on the garage floor or just upright in a clean flower pot. If you store them damp, you'll get mold for sure. When dry, a light twist of the wrist will separate the old spent corm from the new one.

I've had relatively poor results getting a second year's bloom out of a stored corm despite having perfect storage conditions. Glads are quite inexpensive and readily available so when I want them I just start over. Gives me a chance to periodically change color schemes.

Others have fine success with storage - seems to be an "it depends" situation. Maybe some luck, too.

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