PNW folks - What are you doing about cane borers??

cjrosaphile(z8 Pacific NW)June 18, 2014

For the past few years, I've lost a couple of roses to the dread cane borer and am trying various pruning techniques, gluing the ends, etc. to prevent further damage. My HT are really suffering and I'm considering getting rid of them for floribundas and English which seem to fair better. Would really love to know if anything is working for you. I'm going to be shovel pruning my second Double Delight at the end of the season if not sooner. Thanks!

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kentucky_rose zone 6

I don't know if this is just coincidence or if it works. This spring when I had thrips really bad, I would spray the tops with bonide insecticide. It has the same active ingredient in Orthene. I used the full strength, 2 TBSP for 1/2 gallon every 3-6 days. I haven't noticed ANY bore holes! Coincidence? Usually, I will have bore holes some even with sealing the cane with Elmer's exterior wood glue.

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