what to plant in part sun/shade that rabbits won't eat

njmomma(z6 NJ)July 24, 2014

I have a raised bed (only 1 foot raised) that the squirrels and rabbits consider their salad bar. So far, they've decimated the roses and the black eyed susans. They don't touch the balloon flowers or catmint.

It's in the back corner of my yard and I have a big perennial garden in front of it with tons of daylilies, echinacea, sedum, daisies, liatris, etc... because that part gets mostly sun.

So, anything in the garden, including the roses - the little buggers don't touch, but as soon as I put it in the raised bed they eat it. It drives me crazy.

I don't want to keep buying stuff for them to eat so what can I get that they won't touch?
I was hoping to put a hydrangea in the far back that will get big and then I'll have about 7 more feet by 3 feet to fill. Will they eat the hydrangea too?

Thanks for any suggestions!

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We have a lot of rabbits, and they haven't eaten my hydrangeas (except for the young shoots of oakleaf hydrangea in the winter, but they don't touch the mopheads). They also haven't touched my hostas, or my native crested iris. The perennials/shrubs they seem to like most are toad lilies, native asters, echinacea, and - most of all - blueberries.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

plant a guard dog???


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We've been having problems with rabbits too, and we've found that these bunnies will eat anything, especially if it's young and tender. Honestly, the only thing that really works is to get rid of them. We've used a havahart traps and have trapped and released 5 bunnies. That has made huge difference in what is now actually growing in our gardens.

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Ispahan Zone6a Chicago

In partial shade/dappled shade for me, the nasty, awful, greedy rabbits have not touched:

Geranium macrorrhizum and hybrids
Geranium maculatum
Stylophorum diphyllum
Pycnanthemum muticum (in the sunnier areas)

Plants that they love to target:

Phlox stolonifera
Phlox divaricata
Aster cordata (but not Aster divaricata)
Geranium phaeum

Keep in mind however that if hungry enough, rabbits will eat and destroy ANYTHING, regardless of what books have to say. Even if it is something supposedly lethal.

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Marthastoo, what did you use as bait in you havahart trap? We tried a trap too, but have caught nothing. The rabbits are everywhere and seem to be laughing at our efforts while they continue to eat the garden plants, especially anything new.

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