Dead Heading Coneflower's & Daisies

johnaw(z5 OHIO)July 22, 2008

I would like to know if one should dead head Coneflower's and Daisies? By doing so will they come back with new flowers?

Also I have Stella D'Oro Day lilies do you cut the flower off of them when they are done flowering? It looks as if I have a seed head forming on them. What do you do? If I am not mistaking they will bloom all summer long right?

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Stellas: I cut off the seed heads to encourage rebloom. These are supposed to bloom continuously, but I'm not impressed.

Coneflowers: Unless you want them everywhere in your yard next year, yes, deadhead them. If you want many, many more, don't deadhead them. They do have nice winter interest and feed the birds. I leave a few and cut the rest because they can take over your garden if you aren't careful. Trust me--I've had it happen and it isn't fun to hoe out the seedlings all summer long. As for rebloom, they should bloom until frost regardless of deadheading.

Daisies: this is my 1st year growing them, so I'm looking forward to other responses.

Hope that helps!


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Definitely deadhead daisies. Depending on the variety, deadheading encourages some rebloom. ('Becky' is a pretty reliable rebloomer - I'm sure others will list more rebloomers...) When you deadhead, cut the stem down to where the leaves start, otherwise you end up with a lot of dead, brown sticks. Some of the older varieties that don't rebloom can look unattractive after the flowers finish. When that happens, cut them right down to the ground and a new, neat clump of foliage will grow at the base - in fact, by late summer, you often see new foliage at the base. When that appears, it's time to cut the old stems off so you have a neater look for fall.

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juanital(5b/6a OH)

Sorry can i hone in, too? Will that also go for Shasta daisies? I have deadheaded and cut half way but not to the ground, a few scraggly blooms came back but wasn't impressed. I just cut those down bout half way...guess I'll trim down more, haven't tried that yet...

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Yes - when your Shasta's - and Becky is good for this, start to fail - cut them back to the basal clump at the ground. Often you get a nice rebloom in the early fall. I usually sprinkle some Plantone ( organic granular fertilizer) around them and make sure they stay watered too. I have Becky in several places and they are in all stages depending on water. The least hospitable location is about done for the year - and the dampest shadiest ones are just getting started.

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