Kolar engine wont run right or idle

skiboSeptember 20, 2013

I bought a used Craftsman Garden Tractor with a 22.5 horse Kolar twinn, It has ran very good up till here latley it won't run good, it's a late 90s model It seems to start ok when cold with the choke pulled about half way out, but when it gets warmed up a bit I can't push the choke in, it wants to die, and as of Yesterday the idle started to fluctuate up and down and starts to back fire through the exhaust and it wants to die all the time,I cant seen to get a happy medium. I did rebuild the steering earlier this summer and I had to remove several items on the dash to get the steering shaft out so I could machine some new bushings. I remember having to loosen the choke lever out of the way, but was carfull not to disterb to much in the way to fix the steering. It ran fine after I reassembled the components, Yesterday it would only run with the choke about half way out and alot of throttle, it had some power but not what it used to have. I have no idea whats going on but it's vey frustrating. I depend on this tractor to help pull a wagon with heavy items and several bag of wood pellets to my house as I'm not able to haul them my self. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Symptoms indicate a fuel deficit. Not enough fuel being fed to the engine.
Have you changed the fuel filter, if so, how long ago?
If changing the fuel filter does not help, the carburetor is likely in need of a good clean out and rebuild.
It is going to help out if you will post the Sears technical model number found int the cavity below the seat.

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Hello Mownie
Sorry it has taken so long to get back, The model for my tracktor is...917.258912 and the engine is model # CV22S and type # 67527 I hope this is helpfull.
After reading your return post I thought about the gas in my tank and I know it's old, do you recomend trying some regular gas that has no alcohol, I can get it easily, and for no more than I run this tractor only to haul things it would last longer in my tank before going sour. Yes I do use stable gas treatment but I'm sure this gas is over a year old. I'll change the fuel filter also.

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Changing out the filter......make sure you use a Genuine Kohler brand filter. After market or "other branded" filters seem to not work satisfactorily on Kohler fuel systems.
If the gasoline you are currently burning is over a year old, it is suspect...........especially if it has been subjected to high ambient temperatures.
I suggest you might get some Sea Foam brand gasoline treatment and add a fairly heavy dose to a fresh tank of fuel. That has helped in many cases where carb jets have begun to collect varnish from "stale" gasoline.

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With this federal forced ethanol gas anytime I have a starting running problem with a small engine I drain tank and carb bowl, refill with fresh gas and problems gone.

Just pour an ounce or two of E10 into a pan and watch it turn cloudy as it sucks moisture from the air and soon there will be a water bead on the bottom of the gas in less than 5 minutes.

Absolute crap brought to you from your government.

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