Paper bags from grocery store?

SunshineZone7(7)August 12, 2014

I shop at Whole Foods and Trader Joe's and accumulate a lot of those paper bags. Can I compost them? They do have colored writing on them. If I can would I cut them up into little pieces or just rip them in a few pieces? Thanks!

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Yes, you can compost them. The smaller the pieces, the faster they'll decompose, but even big pieces will go pretty fast.

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Best to reduce (use canvas bags), reuse (take them back to the store and reuse) or recycle (use for newspaper or office paper recycling, etc.). But to answer your question, most likely the ink is not a problem.

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We use the bags to collect browns for composting, and then put the whole bag into the compost container. They rot very quickly. The Trader Joe bags often don't even get emptied before they tear at the handle: they would be hard to reuse outside the home (and don't seem to be designed with this in mind).

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Those brown paper bags from grocers are kraft paper, or unbleached fiber and would make a fairly good carbon source in any compost bin. The inks used to print things on them must be safe because of the proximity to food products, ie. not petroleum based inks.
I am all for recycling, reusing, repurposing but one needs to understand that most all paper today comes from trees grown on tree farms, so when a tree is harvested for pulp another is planted for future harvest. Far more trees are destroyed for construction, lot clearing, building materials, roads, then for the manufacture of paper.

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