New at roses something is wrong help?!

twhitesidesJune 15, 2014

So I'm brand new at growing roses and 2 of mine are not doing so hot black spots on leaves and yellow leaves with black spots on the other what's wrong and how can I prevent/fix this?

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Here's another picture of the other one

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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

Hello, it would help people to talk with you if you give at least your state and USDA climate zone. Diseases and pests, winter damage and heat damage, vary from place to place. Also give the names of the roses if you can.

The top picture shows a foliar fungus disease. If the margins of the spots are fringy or notched, and yellow areas develop behind the spots, it is blackspot disease, which is very common and destructive. The second picture may or may not be that, it could just be some old leaves that were winter damaged or something. The spots don't look as big as blackspot spots.

People in areas with high disease pressure need to carefully select disease-resistant roses or else spray fungicide every two weeks.

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I live in the portland Oregon area I'm not sure what kind they are the very first top picture is of a rose that came with the house when we moved in the second one is a rose that my brother in law recently got on sale at some nursery and gave it to us with no tag on it we just planted it a week ago we use Bayer 2 in 1 granulas to feed and protect against bugs but like I said I have no idea what we're doing here lol I want to learn and make them happy and healthy and plant more

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jerijen(Zone 10)

Those combo Bayer products aren't very efficient. You'd do better with a "real" fertilizer, and something else for fungal disease.

OTOH, I believe that the best way to avoid fungal problems with roses is to plant roses that are not much troubled by fungal disease where you grow them.

Gardening knowledge is really, really, local.

I know there are folks in your area on the Antiques rose forum -- I bet there are some here, as well. They could give you the most accurate advice.

Like Michael, I can't see enough of the symptoms to diagnose the disease. Blackspot is uncommon in my area -- but those speckles look awfully small for that. If you have access to a flatbed scanner, put a leaf in the scanner, and scan it, and we can get a really good look at it.

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Campanula UK Z8

Could be the start of a cercospora outbreak - the centres of the spots will change, becoming lighter.....not as horrid as blackspot but disfiguring all the same.

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The first might be a Nitrogen shortage, so something like alfalfa would be helpful.

In the second photo are the yellow leaves all lower closer to the base of the plant?

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jazzmom516(Zone 7 LI, NY)

Both photos look like fungal disease problems and as others have posted-- choose disease resistant with excellent disease resistant qualities roses.

Many of the 'Earth Kind' roses are under that category as well as many newer varieties of Kordes roses and of course any of the hybrid roses created by Radler (Knock Outs and anything with baseball terms in them (Home Run)

Many of the Earth Kind and Knock Out roses are landscape shrub roses and not really specimen roses like say hybrid teas.

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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

In the PNW you could have any of 5 or so fungal diseases, but these will tend to subside during the dry summers. I agree with campanula that it looks more like cercospora than blackspot, which is the more serious disease. Unlike blackspot, these sports have clear, firm margins. You can probably ignore it.

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