Craftsman Tractor w/ 17.5 HP B&S Engine stalls

mrfusaSeptember 15, 2013

I was cutting my lawn yesterday (1acre) and got half way through when my mower began to loose power and stall.
I did the following:

New fuel, new fuel filter, new fuel line. Blew out carb and checked valves for any obvious play. Today, engine runs fine until I engage the mower deck. Checked sindles (removed deck) and both move normal. It appears that when it boggs down, I can see black smoke coming from the muffler, not a great amount but seems it is running rich under strain. Any other ideas, the mower is 10 years old and I stay on top of the valve issues with this tractor.

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Look on the engine sheet metal and find the engine Model Number and Type Number. Post those numbers so we can know exactly which Briggs 17.5 you have.
You might also post the Sears technical Model number of the tractor so we can learn what type PTO is on this tractor.
What about the engine air filter? Is it fairly new or very old?

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Try the motor with the fuel cap off to verify that ventilation is not a problem restricting the fuel flow. When you engage the deck the RPMs rise, and when the RPMs rise it requires more fuel. Perhaps the vent is just clogged just enough to cause problems when the load is increased. Anyway, easy check. You don't need to remove the cap completely, just leave it very loose so air can get through it.

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Clean air filter and try it. Like mownie suggested.

Black smoke - not enough air.

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