Emperor One Japanese Maple dry/dead branches inside

Cal_00June 15, 2014

Hi, Last October I planted a B&B 10' Emperor One Japanese Maple in my yard. When I went to pick out the tree at the nursery the tree was very full and beautiful. I notice that this year the tree has quite a few dead branches on the inside. They are dry and snap off without much force. I've never owned a Japanese Maple and I'm not sure if this is a common issue or if it might have been damaged due to the serve winter we had this year. The tree is planted in a morning sun afternoon shade area and when I planted it I did it the was the nursery told me. I dug a whole twice and wide as the rootball and added a few bags of organic mix soil mixed with my clay soil. I then added a 3" layer of mulch all around the tree. I was also watering the tree and kept watering until the first frost came. I will upload a picture of the tree today once the sun comes out. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

My questions are:

Is this normal?
Will more branches continue to dry?
What might have caused this?, to prevent it from happening again.

I'd like to add that the tree has grown a bit in size and is still growing. All the exterior branches around the tree are alive, only the inside branches are drying off if that makes sense.

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I'd guess that it is winter damage.

This past winter caused damage on several of my Japanese Maples- the late frost killed areas on those that leafed out early.

Prune out the dead bits and hope for a better winter next time around- not much else you can do.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

its hard to come to any conclusions WITHOUT A PIC ...

a 10 foot transplant took huge stresses in the digging .. moving.. and planting ... winter was probably minor after all that ... [and even worse.. if it was grown to 10 foot in a pot]

i hope you have PERFECTED WATERING ... see link for a discussion

after reading such.. if you want to discuss/compare how you are doing it.. feel free ...


Here is a link that might be useful: link

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