What should I do?

mweinmannJune 28, 2014

This rosebush was trimmed back last year (2013) from an immense bush that had been neglected by previous owners for years.

After I trimmed it (it was ~3-4 feet high) it bloomed like crazy on all the branches.

This past winter was brutal, lows down to -35F.

This year, looks to me that the old bush part has died and new bush stems are coming in. I started to prune the old busy back to it's main stems, just to get the dead stems out of the way, but should I just try to cut it down to the ground and let the new bush grow?

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Are those the flowers you saw from the older, now apparently deceased parts of the plant? If the flowers look as you expect them to, yes, you want to remove all the dead canes to the ground to make room for the new growth. Kim

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Any rose that can survive -35F is beautiful!

As Kim said, just cut the dead off. Leave the good stuff. If you have a good pair of loppers you can reach right into the center of the plant and just lop the dead right down to the ground.

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