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boncrow66June 30, 2014

Do some roses not develop scent until they are established and mature?i can smell my Don Juan and my SDLM, both planted this spring. But my 2 Austin's, golden celebration and Evelyn, planted at the same time have very a very faint fragrance or none at all and they are supposed to be very fragrant. I am hoping the answer is yes that some roses fragrance gets better with time :). If not I guess it's just my nose that's defective lol.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

In this garden many of my roses had poor quantity of fragrance the first couple of years. Once they established the fragrance was there.

Other factors should be noted: time of day, temperature, and humidity can all affect the ability of the plant to produce a good fragrance, and also noses are different--some people cannot detect the "tea" fragrance, while others can.

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rross(NSW Aust)

I'm in the equivalent of zone 10. At first I wondered whether it was a question of waiting a few years for my roses to develop their fragrance, but I've found they suddenly smell now it's winter here. I'm now reluctant to give them their big prune. They certainly seem far from dormant.

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jerijen(Zone 10)

There's also the issue that environment can affect fragrance. And individual "scenting" ability varies from one human nose to another.

I have trouble detecting many fragrances, but I can dependably smell most Pernetianas, and Musks. And I can smell 'Golden Celebration' BIGtime.

Yet, I watched a rose show judge reject 'Golden Celebration' in a fragrance class -- stating that it had no fragrance whatsoever.

He was so positive, no other judge challenged his statement. Jerk. ;-)

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So I guess I may not ever be able to smell golden celebration or Evelyn, which is a huge disappointment since I hear they both have a wonderful fragrance. They are still beautiful roses and I will enjoy the blooms and I will still probably keep sniffing them in case one day I miracously am able to smell them :). And at least I can smell my SDLM and Don Juan so that's a plus since they both smell delicious. My mother can smell Evelyn and just about swoons everytime she smells it lol. Thanks everyone!

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jerijen(Zone 10)

Never say Never.

In different weather conditions, at a different time, you may be able to smell them just fine.

As for Evelyn -- To me, it smelled like sun-warmed ripe peaches just off the tree. Sadly, the PLANT was a miserable failure, here.

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Oh I hope I can smell Evelyn's sun ripened peach smell one day!

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