Sweet chestnut in a pot

averil(8b)June 2, 2014

Hi folks, I would really appreciate some advice. I planted this sweet chestnut in a pot two years ago. It seems to spread a lot but doesn't grow upwards much. Should I LOP some branches off to encourage it to grow upwards? My next question is, will I be able to keep this tree in a pot for a long time because I know they grow huge and I only have a small garden. Will it just grow to the size the pot allows or is it likely to die?
I would really appreciate any advice
Kind regards
Averil UK

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

if you want to keep a huge tree in a pot... you need to learn bonsai ...

though that will probably stunt nut production ...

you can prune it.. any way you want ... you will not stop its genetic growth rates by pruning the top ... neither will the pot slow it down ...


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It's not going to produce nuts for you and in a pot that size, you're nearly at the pot/plant size equilibrium.

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

They can take 30 years to fruit from seedlings and they often don't fruit well in Britain anyway. But I'm not sure the OP is wanting nuts particularly. I'd just grow it in that or a larger pot until it began to decline and then find a home for it elsewhere.

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Thanks folks, I didn't particularly expect it to produce nuts. I will see if I can rehome it and buy something a bit more sensible
Kind regards

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