Pruning Smoke Trees

onthebrinck(6 Central New Jersey)June 12, 2010

I've read that smoke tree/bushes can be pruned almost to the ground during dormancy. The second photo, although hard to see, may suggest that this tree was pruned to that extent or there was an attempt to kill it --- with the previous owners, it's hard to know their intentions. I'm the new owner and did nothing to this tree since discovering it tucked away behind the shrubs. Nonetheless, this year's branches are 'too' healthy and have grown and drooped into the nearby boxwoods, azaleas and flower beds. Come fall or whenever, how far back would you recommend I trim this? This part of the garden receives sun til about noon and then is in the shade of the house after that.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5


that involves removing 1/3 of the largest branches .. as close to the ground as possible..

or in your situation.. all the ones taller than the rest of the shrub ...

your problem.. is .. well the prior owner

this is easily a 10 foot in all dimensions plant... planted ONE FOOT FROM THE FOUNDATION ..

IF IT WERE ME... i would just get rid of it ... it isnt even worth the effort to move that monster ..

if you have some affection for smoke bush.. and the room .... go buy a small one and plant it elsewhere ...

to kill it.. cut all at ground level and drip stump killer or roundup on the cuts ...

never.. ever.. cut a flowering shrub at height.. or.. well... you end up with the problems you have now ... go figure... lol

good luck with the new house... just suck it up.. and get rid of all the nightmares the prior owner left ...

good luck


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