Plants Dying From Ground Up

posiedreamerJuly 31, 2008

I'm hoping someone can help me identify the problem I'm having with several different plants.

So far, it's really bad on a huge clump of Aster plus my daisies and now I'm noticing it on some other nearby plants, including a couple of Self-Heal. It seems like I had it once before on Purple Coneflower.

All the plants have been healthy until last week and I noticed especially the Aster was browning (I hope not dying) from the ground up. The bottom portions of the stems are all black and the leaves half way up the plant are definately dead.

The Asters and Daisies are planted in the same bed and get get all day sun and the same amount of water. I only water every couple of days and I do not use mulch so it can't be something in the mulch. They do have good drainage. I looked for but didn't see any bugs, except an occassional Japanese Beetle, which are also now dead.

But the leaves are not eaten, they are just black and dead.

What can I do? Should I dig everything in that part of the garden and burn it?

Thanks for your help!

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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)

Sounds like they are suffering from a lack of water.....full mulch....water every couple of days....
Water them really really won't save the dead stems but you may save the plants for next year.
Linda C

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It could be a fungus try a fungicide like Garden sulfur.

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christinmk z5b eastern WA

I agree with Linda. There was a long thread about this here last year (if you want to read it type your aster problem into the search engine at the bottom of the discussion page). Everyone seemed to be haveing that problem. Several of the expert posters said that it was a lack of water likely combined heat stress that made it suceptible to mildew and brought about this 'foliage dying from the bottom up'. Im still having the problem too. Theres really nothing I can do about it because the area I have it it just cant get any moister (hey theres only so much a person can water!). Its looking horrible, and has been doing it for two years. Im planning on taking it out and putting in a Helenium.

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