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pembroke(6--Louisville KY)June 12, 2014

When Mom's Pink came up this year I had a branch coming in the wrong place. Well, I thought I'd use it to start another rose. I eased it off the main trunk and planted it in a Heirloom band pot. Setting the branch about two inches off bottom with a good potting soil and backfilling around the stem 2/3 of the pot. watering with Miracle-Grow when dry to touch. I feel the stem/branch is alive and well, as the stem is still nice and green with top leaves green as well. Question: how long till starts branching out and when can I move it to real soil? Thanks for all suggestions. Questions, Please ask. Pembroke

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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

People usually don't fertilize cuttings because it makes it harder to take up water, so I would stop that. I would leave it in the band until the band is pretty well filed with roots. That's true of any transplanting, si you can get a sol9id root ball.

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seil zone 6b MI

How long has it been potted? It could take several weeks for it to grow roots and you do not want to disturb it until it has a good healthy root ball. Once that happens I would pot it up to a 1 gallon pot and so on until it has enough size to plant in the ground. Just keep it watered and be patient.

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pembroke(6--Louisville KY)

has been in pot about a month. Should I see roots coming out bottom of pot and then transplant to larger pot? Pembroke

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mad_gallica(zone 5 - eastern New York)

The rose will have visible roots in its own time. A month is a very short time for a good root system. 6-8 weeks is more typical. but I've had some take much longer.

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