How Many Plants Do You Have Waiting to Go In the Ground?

catkin(UDSA Zone 8)July 14, 2014

I'm embarrassed to say how many...if I'd just stop buying them, well then, they'd all be planted, now wouldn't they?

I'm rejuvenating several spots in the borders and have large empty spaces!

Anyone else have lots of work ahead of them in the garden? The weather has been cool and it's a good thing!

If anyone could see me walking back and forth around the yard trying to find the right place for each plant they'd think I was...nuts! LOL

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babera(5a (Montana))

I'm proud to say I have zero. . . if only I had gotten every single mum that I bought in the ground I would have a beautiful fall display, but. . . I did learn my lesson. I buy it, I plant it DONE. . .

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Five, I am ashamed to admit it. Three Hosta and two Red Birds in a Tree. I should have known better than to buy the Hosta, but I have compulsive buying issues with them. Now i am walking around my garden holding each like a divining rod, pleeeease tell me where you will fit... And magically a space will open up.
Thats my story and Im sticking to it.

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catkin(UDSA Zone 8)

Babera, you're my new role model!

Unbiddenn, love the divining rod reference! I used to know a lady that found water in the ground with a stick (water witch)...

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diggerdee zone 6 CT

FIVE?! Pshaw, you're a rookie, unbiddenn, lol! ;)

My pot ghetto used to number between 200 and 225. I've gotten it down to about 50, and I've been really good about getting any new plants in the ground fairly soon (I know, I know, what the heck am I doing buying new plants with all those pots waiting to be planted?)

I fight a never-ending battle in deciding where to put my plants. I want them all close to the house so I can enjoy them, but not only can I NOT plant EVERYTHIING next to the house, but some of them just can't be, because of sun requirements. So they sit in their pots, waiting for me to make a decision...


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sandyslopes z5 n. UT

I didn't think I had that many, but you had to make me count them up. Roughly 37 pots, and that's cutting down for me. It's hard not to buy a few here and there because some only show up in nurseries and garden centers in the heat of the summer. I hold them under my deck and plant out when the weather cools down. Then it's a planting frenzy to get them in before the bulbs arrive. If I don't get them in on time then I overwinter them in the garage.

catkin, you're lucky if you can be planting now.
diggerdee, from 225 to 50 is pretty darn good! Pat yourself on the back.
unbiddenn, you made me lol. I can relate to your hosta compulsion and to hoping the perfect space magically appears.

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Connie K

This is an interesting thread, because it never occurred to me not to plant immediately. In fact, if I didn't, I'm certain that some of them wouldn't survive, because I am terrible about consistently watering potted plants. I get them in the ground within 24 hours of purchasing so they have a better survival rate.

I also have a cut-off date for purchases. I don't buy anything after June 1st, because past experience has proven that anything I plant later has less chance of survival without a watering intervention, which again I am terrible at.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

IâÂÂm not doing too bad this year. I was very busy getting raised vegetable beds built this spring and have been limited getting into the garden since spring and that should have been two good excuses to have a lot of pots not planted, but that kept me out of the nurseries too. Plus DH and DD have been chipping away at what I do have.

They got around to finishing a small redo of a bed over the weekend that took care of another 8 pots. Then spent an unusually long 2 hrs planting one blueberry bush. SO glad to get that in the ground! Had to dig out a Ninebark that was in the way [and pot it up (g)] and find the Sulfur and mix up the backfill and weed the whole area while we were there. By then it was too hot to do anything else. The next day we knocked off 8 more pots of garlic that were ready to harvest, having been potted up when changing over the vegetable beds. That was an easy 8.

Still have 4 gallon pots of Chives that came out of the vegetable garden that IâÂÂm looking to add to the borders instead. We dug out suckers from a Viburnum this spring and I already gave those away. And a sucker from an Oakleaf hydrangea that I was going to give away until I noticed it has a Campanula rapunculoides growing in the pot. That leaves less than 15 pots beyond that, so about 20 all together. ThatâÂÂs actually fewer than usual. IâÂÂd guess I normally have around 30 - 40 pots getting watered most years.

DtD & Barbera, I admire anyone who is so organized, that they plan where something is going before they purchase and plant within 24 hours! I don't know how you do it. We have space near the spigot to keep pots waiting to be planted and the rule is to keep all the pots in two places, by the spigot or against the fence in the shade. So we canâÂÂt help but remember to water. Oh, and I can see the pot ghetto from my kitchen window, so that is a constant reminder and motivates me to get them planted sooner than later.

I do make purchases in the Fall. And sometimes over the summer when there are various sales. Or I might want to head to the nurseries and see a plant in bloom over the summer too. Fall is always a major scurry to finish projects and get plants in the ground.

Unlike Sandyslopes, my garage is detached and too cold to overwinter much, so if I donâÂÂt plant it before winter, it has to get dug into the vegetable beds until spring. That is probably keeping me from procrastinating longer. [g] I donâÂÂt want to end up with anything more than a few quart size pots.

Dee, you have been busy! Your garden must be looking lush with another 175 or so plants in the ground!

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Several hundred at this point, a few purchased but more from winter sown seeds: dianthus, lupine, Jacob's ladder, coral bells, false indigo, cardinal flower. Generally anything that sprouted is still in the container. My garden beds are pretty much stuffed full so I don't know where most of them will end up once they're in the ground.

I only winter sowed seeds again because it's so much fun + I guess I had some image of my garden needing more "stuff" and used that as an excuse to WS seeds. Once the garden really woke up, there were fewer "holes" that needed filling than I imagined. Then I went and divided some mature hostas and ended up with enough divisions to fill a community garden. My daughter took most of them, my cleaning lady took a few more and a neighbor took all but two of those remaining.

I do have a few empty spots where things didn't come back after the harsh winter but until I have all the weeds pulled, I don't want to plant things.

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Campanula UK Z8

Oh dear, another one with hundreds (thousands still in seedling states). There is no irrigation at the woods so all planting has to be done in autumn or early spring.....the rest of the time, plants must wait in many pots, trays, containers, until the ground can sustain their growth. There are many trees, cuttings and potted on plants as well as the tinies still in the greenhouse. The hand-watering is an ongoing and daily nightmare - counting the days till I can plant 'em and forget.

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About half a dozen in pots waiting for fall rains and cooler temperatures to safely put them in a permanent location.

Just ordered some seeds for fall seeding and start some more seeds (coreopsis and engelmanii daisy) to start more seedlings for fall transplant.

It never ends....course who would want it too ?

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About a dozen that I bought over the past couple of weeks, another 20-30 from seeds and cuttings I started, and probably another 30-40 seedlings I need to put into pots. I have more cuttings in containers and plan another round of cuttings soon. I would guess at least 100 plants have to go out in the next 2-3 months.


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aachenelf z5 Mpls

I only buy a plant if I know I have a ready spot for it and when I get it home, it's in a ground within 24 hours.

I hate anything hanging over my head. It keeps me up at night.


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love_the_yard(z9A Jax FL)

That's called "buy to die" and I used to be sooooo guilty of that.

I finally realized that, once a plant was purchased, I was taking all the risk to keep it alive and healthy while storing it in the pot. If I had waited to purchase until ready to plant, the nursery/store could do all the work and have all the risk to keep it alive and then I could choose the healthiest specimen(s) they had.

Boy, I can relate to the walking back and forth, pot in hand, standing and staring at the yard. I did that, too, when my beds were new. I was thinking and processing but I'm sure my neighbors just thought I was cuckoo.

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greenhearted(5a IL)

I had 849 plants delivered this year, but 75% were groundcover plugs... I am now down to just 2 flats (64 plugs) still in need of planting!

I had some grasses, lilies and coneflowers delivered to rejuvenate a 700 sq ft corner garden which I decided to tear down due to heavy bindweed infestation. So I made up a "nursery" and planted them in a spot I cleared until I can find a more permanent home. They are ever so much happier now that they are in the ground!

I am planning to see if I can find some hostas marked down at the big box stores tonight... ;-)

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diggerdee zone 6 CT

Aw, Kevin, you're no fun, lol!


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I had a big planting push the last few days (involved moving a few plants already in the ground too, so it took a lot of time) so I only have 4 purchased plants to go in the ground. But then I remembered that I have two and a half flats of recently sprouted seedlings. Did some lupines, borage, echinacea Cheyenne spirit, more foxgloves, cupid's dart, etc. I am not sure where they will all go, but I really Needed to start them!

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I was going to say "one" - a blueberry I picked up on the dirt cheap table at Lowe's, but then remembered the 9 pots of cuttings I have sitting lined up waiting to develop a good root system and me to create their new bed.

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Just 3 newly purchased now. They are small shrubs that I'm adding to the top of my slope. I need time to really focus for proper placement, as for some reason I'm nervous about it lol. I'm trying to get them placed so they will drape or look weeping. I first want to divide my nine bark summer wine and make that the bones of the group. I will continue to add from there. So much for being "done"

I planted everything else, divided and moved things around last weekend....just before a good rain :)

My move included some well behaved obidient plants, both white and pink. I fear they will not behave now as they are in better soil. Time will tell....

I don't know how some of you do it! The amount you have to plant would make me crazy offense. I would be like Kevin and not be able to sleep at night for sure.....

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catkin(UDSA Zone 8)

I can see I'd better get on the stick and get planting! It's definitely the moving plants that's slowing me down---I'm trying to relocate smallish plants that have gotten lost in the back of the borders and others because they were planted wrongly in the first place or their colors are not to my liking where they are now. I've made lists of what to move where... No more excuses! LOL

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diggerdee zone 6 CT

One reason I was in no rush to plant my potted plants - other than being unable to decide where to plant them! - was that I enjoyed my pot ghetto. My driveway comes past the house and ends in a big square of yucky asphalt, with the garage being to the side of the square, across from the driveway. My pots were lined up along the back of this square of asphalt, and my patio is on the other side, so I can sit on my patio and look across at my pot ghetto.

Not the nicest thing, visually, but I could focus on the blooms and ignore the pots themselves, and it gave me something to focus on instead of that big gray square.

The plan is (and has been) to put in some kind of big planter boxes along that back edge, now that the kids are grown and I can move out the basketball hoop and a few other things. But I have no money and no woodworking skills, so I'm not sure how quickly that plan will advance! In the meantime I'll keep my pot ghetto there, whittling it down....


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a2zmom(6a - nj)

I planted over 80 plants from late May through mid-June. At this point, the only things left are a buddleia and a weigelia. Both will get planted early October as I am currently letting the weeds get killed.

However, I have a lot of plants that need to be dug up and divided in the fall.

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littlebug5(z5 MO)

NONE!!! Yay!!

Well, if you'd asked me 3 days ago, I would have had to say 2. But I finally got them planted - a hosta and a button bush.

And I was actually just sitting here thinking of going by my local greenhouse tomorrow to see if they had marked their perennials down to where I simply cannot pass them up. (I feel sorry for them - it's like the last Christmas tree that nobody wants, you know. I just want to take them all home with me.)

I'm sure that this time tomorrow I won't be able to say NONE. Doesn't everybody plant in July? :)

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amna(6 (MA))

Here is my pot ghetto

AND I'm still clearing beds of insiduous evil weeds :-( Any normal person would have first prepared the beds and then started buying plants. Oh well, I guess.


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gyr_falcon(Sunset 23 USDA 9)

4 Fan Aloes, 1 'Lavender Lady Passion Vine, 2 Choisya, 1 Kniphofia northiae, 1 4" Galvezia juncea, 1 Tecoma 'Sparky', 1 bromeliad, 1 coyote mint, 1 3" cuphea and 3 lemon thyme, 2 4" Iris confusa 'Chengdu', 1 Hymenocallis, 2 3" epazote, 3 alstroemeria, 1 clematis, 1 salvia and whatever else I cannot recall off the top of my head.

Some other things are waiting for the bump-the-pot game. There are various reasons for the stall--some are waiting for bed prep or the end of vegetable season space, others are rarely offered plants I could not delay purchasing, some are stressed and not healthy enough for the ground transfer yet, one is on hold to make sure it has no systemic in its system before placement in the caterpillar food area, and many are just waiting out the summer heat season.

I sleep fine. :)

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catkin(UDSA Zone 8)

Kindred spirits!

New plan is to put into a *holding bed* then do some moving and dividing in the Fall--then place the pots where I want them--or not! Maybe wait till Spring!

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hostas_for_barb(6b Ontario)

About 20 Hosta that apparently I just couldn't live without.

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catkin(UDSA Zone 8)

LOL Barb!

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

Too many, but not as many as other years. I am making headway with my goal to have them all planted or gone to other homes before the next snows.

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

Too many,⦠not making headway. My compulsive tendencies are taking over, I PIG 10 pots yesterday . but there are so many more waiting for the fall temperatures. PIGGIN now is ill advised but the cool weather and rains have me planting. I will probably regret it. I bought some trees small and have them potted up to get a root system on them before I PIG. I have some large hesperaloe funifera var chiangi that have been very patient critters. They have been waiting two years for me to get my act together. I need dump trucks of dirt for this one spot. I have a bare root 3' agave lophantha that has been lying shriveling in the sun waiting for its dirt. IT did just appeared unasked for and they could go bare root for a year and still plump up. It is hard to kill them.

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Campanula UK Z8

I know - far from making headway (no PIGIIN here either), the pots are breeding or summat (And I foolishly failed to desist from sowing stuff either). Have just been away for 5 whole days (had to threaten youngest with beating if he failed with the hose) but, in truth, I would not have been that dismayed if a selective culling round had thinned the herd. But no - he is obviously still under the maternal thumb because all is green and (more or less) thriving (surviving).
Far, far worse....the offspring have also taken a meek tentative suggestion (by Mr Campanula in a (drunken) moment of weakness) to have a wee social....and ran we are now expecting a 3 day weekender in the woods with music and stuff......

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