Can I winter sow these seeds?

gr8heather(6b)January 27, 2013

It has been snowing all day, there is probably about 4 feet outside, the most I have ever seen here! Annnd... I just learned about winter sowing for the first time today :) So, what can I plant, and when? I'd like to try the following, what is a good idea, and what isn't?

Balloon Flower

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Oh and poppies!

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Just hold off until spring for the sunflowers & chives. Everything can be sowed.

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I wouldn't sow the cucumber seeds yet. They are fast germinators and the little seedlings would probably freeze before warm weather. I just wait and direct sow them when the ground is warm enough.

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kimka(Zone 6B)

Celery is such a fast germinator that I would wait about four more weeks or so so that it doesn't germinate in a warm week only to freeze off when it get cold again.

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caryltoo Z7/SE PA

What Barbe said about cukes -- they're better sowed directly once it gets warm. Everything else can be done now.


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I got balsam this year too. I was wondering when to sow. So I guess I will do some later this week when I do my next batch of WSing

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terrene(5b MA)

I am not sure of wsing results for all of these, but I direct sow Cucumbers, carrots, and many other veggies. Tomatoes I wait until early Spring to sow as they are heat-lovers and don't need any cold stratification, although they can be sown earlier.

Chives should probably do fine WSing, because I've ws'n ornamental onion (Allium cernuum, nodding onion) and it worked good. Now it reseeds itself!

Sunflowers I go either way, in cups or direct sow - they're very easy to germinate, the problem I have with Sunflowers is keeping them going in the garden! ALL MANNER of pesky critters go after my Sunflowers! 2 years ago, a Robin pulled up ALL of seedlings (not really sure why??). Last year I had 2 layers of barriers around them (hardware cloth and fence wire) to keep 1/2 of them alive! Something chewed the base of the stalks and pulled 1/2 of them over.

Rabbits, Woodchucks, Deer, squirrels...Sunflowers must be a gourmet item even before they make flowers and seeds, LOL.

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caryltoo Z7/SE PA

Last year whatever ate my bishop's lace totally ignored the sunflowers growing right next to it. No accounting for taste I guess. :)

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