Pink Promise - To Remove or Not to Remove?

bayarea_girl(NorCA 9)June 17, 2014

I have two Pink Promise roses for three years now and I'm not sure if I should replace them with something else. I bought them as bare root because it was for a good cause (support breast cancer research) and I like the color of the flower in the picture, the long stem for cut flower and "very disease resistant" feature. I know I made the newbie mistake :) I should check with other people in my area to fully understand "very disease resistant" may not apply to my area.

I think I am a patient person with my roses and haven't shovel prune any yet. My Angel Face has bad powdery mildew but I just give her more attention and she is still not as strong as Elle but she blooms beautiful now (Thanks to Kim for a lot of knowledge regarding to mildew and other rose diseases.)

Back to Pink Promise, they were planted in a good area with enough sun and water and they grow huge however the flower color and form are just OK. They are powdery mildew magnets in my garden. They always have powdery mildew even when none of the roses in my garden have it. Should I give up now, remove them and put them in pots with a free sign so they can go to a better home?

I live in Silicon Valley area. If you live in the same area and have Pink Promise, please let me know of your experience. Thank you for any comments.

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Sow_what? Southern California Inland

Bayarea-girl, I've been observing Pink Promise in a client's garden for over a year. The garden is in southern California inland; very hot and dry, so conditions are different than yours. To my heart, this is a very okay rose. And I lived with very okay roses in my own garden for more than five years. I recently shovel pruned them all, gave then homes, and planted all new roses -- most based on advice I got on this forum and from talking to rosarians and visiting rose gardens. ALL based on what I head-over-heels LOVE.

It was really hard shovel pruning roses for no good reason -- but it was one of the best gardening decisions I've ever made. Now I can't wait to visit the new rose garden so I can be thrilled every day by roses that move my soul.


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bayarea_girl(NorCA 9)

Thank you sow_what for the good advice.

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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

I gave up on being overly patient. Their are certain things I expect from a rose or any plant/shrub in our garden so they either perform or they get the ax. Lifes to short.... ;-)

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