Fragrant Stock and Carnations?

downsouthdavid(7)January 23, 2011

I just bought a pack of Giant Imperial Stock and Carnation-Chabaud Giant and I realy need some detailed information on how to grow these. When do i need to plant them out?

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kimka(Zone 6B)

I wintersow my stocks anytime. They don't need a chilling period that I know of, but like any seed seems to, they do better for me wintersown than started inside. I always have lots of flowers from my stocks before it gets too hot and they turn off.

I don't cover the seeds, but then I don't cover most seeds except giant ones like morning glory. Frost heave seems to take care of covering seeds that need to be covered and others need light to germinate. I usually get stocks seeds out in February sometime just because I tend to do the seeds I know need a cold period first.

I usually plant two or three types of stocks every year because I like the way the flowers smell.


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So all you do is sow the seeds directly outdoors in february and they start growing when the soil warms up? What months do they bloom for you and how long? When do they stop blooming? How much cold can they tolerate? Can I grow them in the winter like pansies? Thank You so much for the help!

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I'll let KimKa answer your other questions but when she says she winter sows them in February, she's referring to the method of sowing seeds in recycled containers and setting the containers outside in the winter. That's called winter sowing and that's the forum on which you posted your questions. The containers act like mini greenhouses that protect the seeds inside until they sprout when the time is right according to their genetic code. The plants don't need hardening off because they're already accustomed to fluctuating outside temperatures. And yes, most can withstand freezing temperatures.

All the information on winter sowing is captured in the FAQs at the top of the page. Check it out--you'll be in for some great fun in the dead of winter and the healthiest, strongest plants you've ever grown once Spring arrives.

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kimka(Zone 6B)

It seems to me that my stocks bloom from about May to July usually while temperatures stay under 80 degrees or so. Once the temperatures rise, they stop flowering. Mine set seed regularly, but I've never caught the seed pods at the point where seed is mature but not broadcast (not sure if this is a temperature or attention issue).

Stock will withstand moderate frost, but do not seem to set flowers with shortening days in the fall. Since they can't take a hard freeze, the don't over winter like pansies (at least mine never have).

They are heavy feeders so fertilizing is a good idea.

The double flowering plants have the best scent.

I've never tried to grow stocks in water.

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bev2009(6 IN)

I WS'd stock last year and planted out one plant. I don't remember how may seeds I planted. The plant got 6" tall and stopped growing. I don't know why. It didn't die, but it didn't flower. I couldn't remember if it was an annual so I just hoped that it would bloom the next year. However, now I see it is an annual so I'll have to grow more and try again. I don't think I have any seeds for this year, but I have plenty of other things to grow and will add it to my wish list for next year.

Please post some pictures if you are able to get it to grow and flower!

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Thank you Kimka, all that information is very helpful. Do you have any experience with carnations or dianthus?

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Bev I sowed a container the other day of some stock. If I get any growing I will post you some pictures for sure. From the sound of it I am going to love love love the smell, if I could package the smell and have a scratch and sniff picture for you I would do that also. lol

David, Dianthus reseeds very nicely for me in my zone, so I think you should be safe on that one also. As for the carnation I am not really sure, I will let someone else answer that one.

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shemeows(6 ID)

I've grown Clove Drop Carnations. They didn't need any cold period and bloomed the first year. They have turned out to be very reliably perennial in my zone.
I have seed for the Chabaud Giants, but I'll wait a little longer to sow it, closer to mid-February.

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plays_in_dirt_dirt(Z7A VA bordering NC state line)

David, I winter sowed carnation (Chabaud mix) on March 15 and they germinated March 26. I winter sowed Dianthus barbatus (sweet William) on March 9 and they germinated March 22. I don't have a record of when I planted them out. Sweet william is evergreen for most of the winter here in zone 7b and is a dependable reseeder, as countrycarolyn said. Mine start blooming in late April - early May.

Note that I winter sowed them. I did not direct sow them.

Winter sowing is the sowing of seeds in recyclable containers with drainage holes poked in the bottom and transpiration holes poked in the top. We sow the seeds in these containers beginning in late December and put them outside, where they will go through all the ravages of winter and germinate when the time is right for them.

As gardenweed said, all you need to know about this method is explained in the FAQ page. A link to the FAQ page is posted at the top of this page. Just click on that, settle in, start reading and be prepared to learn about your new addiction.

Happy sowing,
Barbara in Virginia

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I sowed virginia stock on January the 4th!!!!!!

Today I checked my containers and looky here!!!

If your zone 7 then go sow you some stock!! I border zone 6 7!!!!

By the way you guys this is my first of my winter sown sprouts!!! Whooooooooooooo hooooooooooooooo!!!

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Sweet! Maby mine will do that well. Let us know how they look in 2 weeks.

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Yes Sir!! I will be happy to report!! LOL

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Cool. I want to get an idea of how mine might do. Thanks.

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