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t_bred(5)June 5, 2012

It seems the more I care for my roses,the more care they need? I just stopped at a nearby vacant property and took some cuttings to root. Not a single bug,hole or spot on them - just not fair. My neighbor who does NOTHING with her HT's has gorgeous plants, I took some cuttings from her also. We'll see if I can duplicate the "do nothing" method in my garden.

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JessicaBe(5-6 Central Ohio)


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flaurabunda(6a, Central IL)

Remember all the posts lately that talk about gardeners killing their roses with kindness?

Upon the advice of some wonderful rosarians & gardeners here, when I asked questions, often I was told to ignore what I saw or do nothing because the problem really wasn't that serious. It has been some of the most valuable advice I've ever received.

The less I fret, the more I enjoy--and that's true for just about everything. :)

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Yes, maybe we fuzz too much at times. However, lots of new growth and buds do attract bugs that like roses, and lots of new growth and buds should come off as better than less when comparing? Over-fertilizing can also make roses a bit dehydrated and that is for some reason known to attact bugs that suck sap from new growth too. I have found that solid organic fertilizer twice a year is enough for established roses. The benefits of real compost (not peat) is often under restimated too. I think a slow but steady release of nutrients to the roots help the plants, not so much the quick release that fluctuate too much.

I can se major differences in my neighbours rosebeds after I began giving her a box of organic rose fertilizer in spring. She has grown roses all her life, but never done anything but add a bit of new soil around them once a year. She alwas had roses with flowers, but the hybrid teas and floribundas never had more than one or two canes after first year of planting. The only roses that did well for her was The Fairy and Westerland, they seem to be able to fend fairly well for themselves when needed.

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seil zone 6b MI

I think it's called benign neglect and it does seem to work pretty well. After you stop fussing and spraying Mother Nature gets a chance to hit a nice balance and things seem to go on quite well from there. I'm not saying you shouldn't water them when it's dry or feed them now and then but I do feel we tend to over think it sometimes.

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