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Chaoticdreams(8)June 27, 2013

Okay, so they are having another sale for the 4th of July. I do not need anymore roses this year, but dangit.......

I really want a nice red climber to go up the white trellis we have at the new house. Something I can go ahead and plant now and let it start getting established. The previous owner finally moved so I can start moving plants now to places that won't be disturbed during renovations. They have both Don Juan and Dublin Bay on sale. I've heard good things about both and no idea on which would work here.

Also considering getting a friend Sun Flare as she is a lover of yellow roses, but it'd have to permanently stay in a container and doesn't seem to be the type to like that much.

Or maybe I can just resist the word sale which would probably help me avoid the word divorce LOL

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Desertgarden- NW Las Vegas Z9a @ 2300 f

Chaoticdreams... I have grown Don Juan at a previous home and my current residence. This rose has to be able to take the heat which begins in a
April and runs until October; as well as dryness( not much humidity here) Plants are irrigated regularly; especially while getting established. Don Juan is a very healthy climber here. It has beautiful deep red roses with a nice fragrance. The plant has dark green leaves and it is very healthy. I do not know what your conditions are but it performs well here in the desert. It also receives sun from the morning about 4 p.m.; so about 8 hours of the sun and heat.

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paparoseman(z8 WA. PO.)

How big is the trellis? Dublin Bay does not normally get very tall here in the Northwest. It can reach the top of a six foot fence but not too much more. Don Juan can climb taller and as noted has a nice scent which Dublin lacks. Both are similar in disease resistance.

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It is hot and humid here. Summer sees mid 90's and above with high humidity and a heat index of 100+ Our winters are mild, at the very most 5-7 nights all season that get close to freezing, and even then only for a few hours at most, very few mornings that see frost. I wore sandals and t-shirts last winter and it was the coldest we've had in a decade. They say we are zone 8, but honestly, I don't think that's right. I'm right on the coast and the new house is only about 5 blocks inland.

I currently water once a day in the morning. Afternoon showers are the norm June - August and I can't really predict what days see them, so far every day this year, gotta love the tropics.

Trellis is about 7- 8 ft, gets a huge dose of morning sun and then shade in the afternoon, definitely a good 6 hours.

Aside from black spot, which I knew would be a problem when I started this new obsession, my roses are doing great. The BS is under control, only on a few of them and those are not ones I specifically bought for disease resistance. I enjoy spending time tending my plants and I kinda like spraying so it's not a problem Now in a year or so when they are huge and out of pots, I'll likely change my tune. :)

Either way, thanks for the input. I keep hearing varying opinions on both, including other threads on this site. I kinda like the color of Dublin Bay more, but fragrance would be nice too, especially since the trellis is near the entryway of the house. So far, I think now I'm leaning towards Don Juan. I wish I could ask the locals here in town, but everyone grows knockouts and nothing else these days. The new house comes with about 5 of them and I can't really dig them up as they belonged to my granddad. I don't like knockouts, but he planted them and they are sentimental.

Thanks so much for the help though. I really appreciate it.


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poorbutroserich(Nashville 7a)

LOL on the divorce! Love it. I purchased Don Juan this spring in a Kmart bodybag and he is one of my most floriferous roses. Gorgeous blooms. I don't notice much scent but then this may not be Don Juan since it's a bodybag rose. LOL.

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Ended up getting Don Juan and Iceberg. After helping my friend move in, she really just won't have adequate sun for a rose on her tiny balcony.

So far, no divorce LOL...... I compromised. He gets to go buy him a new shiny something too.

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