Roses blooming better in containers

madri_gwJune 10, 2014

Hi all, just wanted to share some blooms with rose friends. Theses are all growing in containers. My first year growing in containers. Tried to grow in the ground but not much luck. Deer seem to be more eager than me about the plants in the ground to thrive. For people without much luck with roses in the ground could try growing in containers. Only problem, winterizing them in containers. I need to figure out a way to winterized them.
This is Charisma.

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This is Waiheke

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This is heirloom. I tried to over come the one rose per bush per season rule ( when I grow in ground) by trying to grow in containers.

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This is Mikado
Now, may be I will dig up the plants in the ground and put them in containers:)
Any one, any easy tips on winterizing roses in containers.

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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

Those are some nice looking blooms madri...

I'm not much of a container person and have only overwintered 1 rose
So I'll let someone else give you advice on overwintering containers...

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seil zone 6b MI

They're all beautiful, Madri! My potted ones bloom sooner than the ones in the ground every year. The pot soil warms up quicker because the pot transmits and holds the heat better in the spring. The drawback is that in the summer when it gets hot they hold more heat too. But being in pots I can move them into some partial shade easier.

If you have a garage that's probably the best place to winter them. I don't so I have to winter mine outside. They did very well for the first 7 winters but they really took a huge hit this past one. The polar vortex was brutal. If you're interested in the paper I did on it for my rose society PM me with your email address and I'll send it to you.

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Thank you so much.
Seil, I didn't think about the summer aspect of growing in containers. Got all excited when they started to bloom before the ones in the ground.
That's why I am here, I am glad I found the right place to get advise.
You are very correct, summer will be brutal on the ones in the container. I would love to read the paper you did, will send you my email.
Thanks, Madri

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Consider building a trellis over top of them that has adjustable sun screens. That way you could control the sun that they get.

Seil, would a garage have to be heated?

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