Plant 911

miclino(5)July 23, 2012

So annoyed, I had placed pots of Eupatorium pink frost and Echincea sombrero red in part sun to be ready for planting when weather cools. It was sitting on the paver pathway. Well the wind knocked them over and the plants got cooked on the pavers in 100 degree afternoon heat. By the time I found them in th evening, the foliage was curled up and drooping terribly. Moved them back to shade and watered well. Also sprayed foliage with water. Whats the prognosis?

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karin_mt(4 MT)

You did all the right things, and you'll know the prognosis soon when you see how much the foliage recovers. I bet the plants will survive just fine, but you may have to trim back the foliage that doesn't bounce back. You might want to give the plants a couple days of rest in the shade before planting out in the sun.

Good luck - I hope the plants are OK!

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Yes, the tops may be fried, but the roots should be fine.

I can sympathize, I bought a maple the other day and set it in the shade of bamboo between the end of my greenhouse and my garden shed. The winds knocked it over yesterday and it fell into my greenhouse. The top roughly foot of it is kind of fried, the part that was in the greenhouse, where it was probably 120 plus degrees.

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Den, that sounds even worse than mine. Thanks for the info both of you. Will have to delay planting but these two made the plants on the discount rack at lowes look happy!

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

if it need be said.. NEVER put a pot on cement/pavers ...

you could probably cook an egg on such ...

you could have 'stuck' the pot in the bed.. holding it in tempered mother earth ... for later planting..

PRESUMING .. you remember to plant it in sept.. lol


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mistascott(7A VA)

Those are tough plants...should be fine.

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Update, they seem to have recovered frm deaths door and perked up. Some crispy leaves and maybe damaged stems but not fatal. Would have been so annoyed if I lost them because they were not discounted but were surrounded by discounted plants in pots on same pavers that were not affected.

I have put Plants in this spot before with no problems but this heat wave is unprecedented. I do plan on planting later this week, not in fall.

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