Plant these this fall or wait?

Lady_WestJuly 27, 2014

Moving into my new house in a couple of weeks and on my long list of to-do's, somewhere, is improve the landscaping. Given the moving and immediate projects I don't anticipate being able to do any landscape work until maybe mid September. New house is zone 4, semi-arid I believe, and totally new to me. The lawn does have a sprinkler system.

My first order of business is to remove a few trees, clean up and then expand the beds. I may only live in this house for four years or about, so I'd like to get the garden going right away. The following is what I'd like to plant in September, assuming it's advisable.

Blue Moon Wisteria along the front porch (potted)

Virginia Creeper along the brick wall and garage (potted)

Easy Elegance roses (2 gallon)

Daylilies (fans? from ebay)

Red Twig Dogwood


Sky Pencil Holly

Will the above items do okay being planted this fall? Anything special I should do to ensure they make it through winter? I believe it freezes/snows in October quite frequently, probably closer to Halloween would be my guess. The area can be windy, but the larger bed is along the foundation of the house facing east.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i cant believe you will plant a VCreeper ... but all the power to ya ...

mother earth would be easier than dealing with pots ... during winter ...

it would be best to have them in the ground 6 to 8 weeks ... BEFORE GROUND FREEZE ... air temps are irrelevant.. presuming the stock is zone appropriate ...

my ground near ann arbor MI ... does not freeze until some time between thxgvg and xmas... are you guessing on your oct claim???

anyway.. earlier the better.. do the best you can..

and do understand... you can dig one 3 by 3 foot area.. maybe the old veg garden.. and un pot them.. and just heal them in ... do not delay.. so you can come up with some grand landscape design ... just dig them in ASAP ... water properly in fall ... and go set up the house... i might do it 9/1 and be done with it ...

good luck with the house.. and whatever on the plants.. they are replaceable ...

but i still dont know about the VC ...


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PLANT A VIRGINIA CREEPER?? Around here they would string you up!!

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

I plant shrubs in the fall and all have done well. Have also wintered over shrubs in the pot by burying the pot and all in the veg. garden or other holding areas.

Daylilies can also be planted in the fall.

It is not unusual for me to be transplanting and planting sale items until mid October. The ground does not freeze as soon as the air freezes and with mulch they have a good amount of time to grow roots and settle in before frost gets too deep in the soil.

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Fall planting is best since temperatures are more moderate than July or August. Perennials and shrubs generally do better in the ground than in containers.

Ditto others re: Virginia creeper. It's invasive where I am and this weekend I have migrant workers coming to remove it.

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I do not believe Sky Pencil Holly is zone 4. You will need to protect that.

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Missouri Botanical Gardens website lists Sky Pencil Holly as hardy to Z6 (see link).

Here is a link that might be useful: Sky Pencil Holly

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Michaela .:. thegarden@902 .:. (Zone 5b - Iowa)

We have virginia creeper here at our house from the previous owners and its awful. It's spread all over the property and is growing in my garden beds now. I am not sure where she originally had it planted anymore. It gives me a rash similar to poison ivy so I have to make sure I don't brush up against it or pull it up without gloves.

I normally keep opinions to myself on plants because to each their own, but I really wish the PO hadn't planted that at our house. It's just awful. Potting it may help but if it spreads out of that pot you may have some problems.

For the roses I would wait until next spring! My experience last year was that my roses I planted in July survived but they had a ton of dieback. I think it'd be worth it to wait and not have to deal with that and have healthier plants next year!

I think planting dayliles now would be okay. They should come back next year.

Good luck!

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