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nickjoseph(5 Milwaukee, WI)June 21, 2014

We've had a cooler Summer after a horrid Winter. I am thankful my bushes came back at all. I didn't lose any. One is very small & slow growing, but has a couple buds. It is 65 degrees and raining....again. I know we need the rain, but isn't it true that roses pretty much hate very hot weather (high 80s and above), don't like colder (50s and lower), but like 60s & 70s & low to mid 80s? We seem to have a ton of buds, but they seem to be taking forever...did I say forever to open. Some of the bushes seem not as plump. How can I say this.....a little bit taller & thinner or spindlier due to some dieback, but yet they all have a ton of buds just waiting to open. I don't know if they are so slow because our temps seem to be creeping down into the 50s at night and overnight.... Thanks.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Cooler weather is going to slow them way down, yes. In cool weather here a bud will wait two or three weeks to open, and will just wait for warmth.

As to the spindly issue, which is a different thing, how is the foliage on the plants? Is it plentiful? Or, sparse with "bare ankles and knees"? Have you given them any fertilizer this year?

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seil zone 6b MI

And roses need sunshine! If it's been on the gray side that will definitely slow them down. But you'll be shocked at how they'll seemed to jump open if you get a couple of days of warm sunshine!

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nickjoseph(5 Milwaukee, WI)

Yes, fertilized twice this season thus far, and they don't have bare spots, just seem taller this year & thinner--not so plump. Yet tons of buds. Thinking because there was die back due to our lovely winter.

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