First Report of Leaf Blotch Caused by Pestalotiopsis clavispora o

henry_kuskaJune 10, 2014

"First Report of Leaf Blotch Caused by Pestalotiopsis clavispora on Rosa chinensis in China"

"The garden exhibited 40% disease incidence with observable symptoms on basal leaves that were yellowed from the edge to the inside area on infected leaves, in the shape of a V. Yellow lesions covered one third to one half of the leaf. Yellow halos were observed at the junction of the healthy and diseased tissues."


If the above is not of interest by itself. perhaps the following may make it of interest:

"A 73-year-old male gardener presented with conjunctival injection and an oval infiltrate with feathery margins in the temporal half of the cornea in the right eye."............................................................" The fungus was isolated and identified by molecular techniques as P. clavispora.:

Here is a link that might be useful: link to second article about infection on humans

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Well, that's scary!

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