Transplanting large Crape Myrtle Pics included

karate626(7A Maryland)June 28, 2011

I have 3 crape myrtles o is 20 feet tall Crape Myrtle that is not in the right spot. The others are small suckers that have grown in random places for 2-3 years. The small ones I would be moving to better incorporate it into my landscape (not so random). The Leland cypress planted near the 20 foot one is growing into it so I want to move the myrtle to another part of the yard. I would normally wait for the dormant season for a tree this size but it is at my beach house and we are only down for memorial day weekend, 1-2ish weeks before and after the 4th of July, and maybe in August. I just got here last night. I'll be down till July 7th. I understand that the key to success when transplanting in Summer is water water water! If I transplant now I would be able to water it a lot for a week and a half. After that family members come every other weekend and they would be able to water it when they come. Does anyone think that would work?

Sorry for so such a long are the pics

The flip-flop is a size 8 if that helps tell the scale.

20 foot tree

Sucker (really a small bush now) 1:

Sucker (really a small bush now) 2:

Thanks for any advice!


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

I understand that the key to success when transplanting in Summer is water water water!

===>>> nope.. the key to moving a 20 foot tree .. is to do it IN THE PROPER PLANTING SEASON .. for trees.. which is fall or winter ...

the only exception would be hire a professional landscaper with a tree spade ..

otherwise.. i give you no chance at success ...

i wouldnt do it ... its just too big a project for the neophyte ... and most certainly for most peeps ...


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mustard_seeds(4 -Onalaska Wisconsin)

I do not know how you could move the mature tree without a tree spade. Are the smaller trees potted (one looks like it has a pot)? Have you considered just cutting down the mature tree and let the cypress have its room? If you know a neighbor who could watering the small trees in pots at their house/partially shaded (or in ground at your place if they are not in pots) until fall, then planting them in your "choice" locations. If you are not able to transplant the little ones YOURSELF in the fall then perhaps select the location and hire someone to do a much easier planting of small trees. They will need watering anyway if planted/transplanted, so hiring a responsible neighbor to do it might be a good idea.


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

The large transplant won't make it.

These crape myrtles should be considered a renewable resource, and expendable when they outgrow their usefulness. Why are we so loath to simply get rid of a plant that is clearly in the wrong place?

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