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dragonfly_field(8)June 13, 2014

I have two roses still in nursery pots. One is Melody Parfumee and the other is Easter Basket. Both are about a foot and a half tall from top of container to top of bush. I had bought a large pot 18.9" across the top for the melody Parfumee and the same pot the next size down, about 12" or so across the top for the Easter Basket as it was half the hight it is now. I'm wondering now though what the right size pot is. Is 18.9" too big? Or is the 12" too small? Sorry for all the questions, I'm new at this!

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If I were considering growing either of them in my climate (which is likely hotter, windier and drier than yours) I would want about a 22" for Melody Parfume with about a 20" for the Easter Basket. I'd also make sure they were insulated (not clay, not ceramic) so the root balls wouldn't suffer from too much heat transfer from the pot material. You're going to find both roses will begin growing much more once they have soil to expand in to. The sizes you suggest seem small to me, unless you're just using them as an intermediate size with intentions of repotting them into large ones as they grow. Kim

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Thank you that is good to know! We are renting now and hopefully will have our own home in a year or two and eventually they will probably be planted in the ground, but for a year or two at the least they will stay in pots. It's very wet where I am and rains most of the year except july and August. June and September are usually dry as well, the rest of the years is often soggy. Not sure if that makes any difference.

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seil zone 6b MI

Except when you're gradually potting up very tiny seedlings or cuttings bigger is usually better for roses. They can't grow to their true potential if they don't have the pot room to build a big enough root ball to support the top growth.

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