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I have several leftover bags/bales of a horse forage product called "Chaffhaye" that was purchased for an elderly horse who has passed on and it doesn't fit with the feeding program of my other horses. I am wondering if I should use it on my gardens--vegetable and perennial--and more specifically on my roses. I have two climbers that were almost completely defoliated by slugs a few weeks ago and I'm wondering if they wouldn't appreciate it right now. Or maybe it would be better to save it to use as a mulch protection for winter?

The hay product is made from 100% alfalfa hay that has been chopped to pieces no longer than an inch or two, then misted with a very small amount of molasses to start a fermentation process and to develop "good bacteria" to promote digestion in horses then packaged in an airtight plastic bag. It is weed seed free.

I already have an abundance of composted horse manure that I use and everything was mulched with it earlier this spring. Can/Should I use the compost and hay together? Would the hay take the place of a fertilizer?

Here's a quick overview of the product:

Here is a link that might be useful: Chaffhaye

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I'm sorry about your horse, but would think putting the Chaffhaye in a compost heap with the manure to let it digest a bit before putting it on the roses should work perfectly. I don't think I would use it directly on the roses because the "digestion" process would require too much nitrogen and will likely rob it from the roses to be accomplished. The composted hay and manure can take the place of quite a bit of fertilizer. It will be much slower than an inorganic type, but will build the soil, enabling bacteria and fungi to go to work, digesting and releasing minerals in the aoil. Sure, use it, but to be on the safe side, mix it up with fresh manure which has a lot of "nitrogen" in it from the horse urine and let it cook a while before laying on the garden. Kim

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