plans of flowers

david8n(4)January 24, 2012

I have been looking and I think that this is my list so far to start any problems that anyone can see



morning glory

bachelor buttons

sweet william


snap dragon

cupids dart

black eyed susan


chinese lanterns







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beachgrub(4 northern michigan)

Well, the only problem with THAT list is it makes me want to plant MORE seeds! Lol i'm a newbie so i can't spot any flaws in your master plan but i didn't think we could start marigolds yet (that presumption is based on NOTHING) so if nobody chimes in and puts the kee-bosh on those then i'm gonna plant some now also.

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I'd wait on zinnia, petunia, marigold, and sunflower if it was me.

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bookjunky4life(5 Central IL)

I would definitely not start Zinnia, sunflower, or marigold yet. In fact, I am direct sowing those seeds. Marigold's tranplant okay, but unless you are only growing a dozen or so, its going to be a lot of transplanting. They are super easy to DS.

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a few other flowers I am wondering about

bee balm
four o clock

And After this I am all done no more choices lol

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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

cosmos, morning glory should also wait. Why? You can winter sow seeds at any time. There are some annuals, however; that not only sprout easily, but perhaps will not survive a subsequent freeze snap. In other words, you can have a brief period of warmth, and these guys, plus the ones listed above will germinate like crazy. The secret is knowing your own garden and your climate. I think we have all lost a few to freaky weather, but I know what my containers can handle.

Also remember that the temp inside your jugs is warmer than the outside...not a lot, say 15 degrees, but that might be enough to stimulate the tender annuals.

Hardy annuals - no problem. They can take cold temps. It's really amazing to see that happen.

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