95 JD LX188 K61Transaxel

GSEagle92(8a)October 19, 2013


I have an issue with rebuild on Tuff Torq K61.

Leaking o-ring caused a tear down and rebuild. Once put back together, and purged, the tractors drive has been reversed.

K61 manual shows that the dimples of the motor housing assembly should be pointing up. Is there any other reason besides the housing being upside down that would cause the T/A to run reverse of pedal position?

I am pretty sure everything is back in its original position, but as my wife likes to point out often, I have been wrong before.

Thanks in advance,


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I don't know that much about hydrostatic transmissions, but I will put in my two cents worth, First, I don't think installing the transmission upside down would change the rotation direction of the drive wheels, but it would if it were installed backwards; but I wonder if either of those mistakes is even possible? I think you should rethink the rebuilding process, and ask yourself, what part, if put in backwards, would cause the wheels to turn the opposite direction. There must be one.

The only other explanation I can conceive of is that you have some how reversed the flow from the hydraulic pump.

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Problem solved.

Decided to just break the TA back down and take a look. Tuff Torq manual instructs to reassemble with motor housing dimples facing up. I could find no other cause, so motor housing was put back in dimples down, and it is running as it should.

Suppose I will be taking pictures of my next project, so that I can put it back together the way it came.

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Glad you found the problem.

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If it is anything like what I have encountered in the past, the problem is coming from your misinterpretation of the Tuff-Torq manual. Any experienced tractor mechanic knows that you should be standing on your head while you are reading that. Do the opposite of what it tells you.

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Exactly the same as when you contemplate your cracked batteries, Roller Girl....

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rcbe, you need to either keep your grandkids away from your PC or stop watching reruns of Beevis and Butthed.

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And you need to keep your trap shut when trying to make funnies to people trying to get their mowers running. They don't appreciate your sorry humor and your thin skin when it's turned back on you only underscores the whole sorry mess, sir. Chill out.

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What you guys do here is very admirable. You put a lot of effort in solving peopleâÂÂs problems to root cause. But you guys need to lighten up. Most people logging on to this forum for the first time are not going to respect you. Most are just looking for a quick opinion, not orders to list back model numbers, serial numbers and spec numbers. This forum is really unique in that you have people putting a lot of effort into giving you professional help if you are willing to put a little effort in it yourself. Most forums are not like this.
Forums like this are supposed to be entertainment. If you go back 10 years, these pages were 75% entertainment. There were also dozens of posts every day; it was really important to start new threads back then. Now, when there are 3 posts in one day, you canâÂÂt miss the new ones.
Much too every ones dismay, I will still chime in every once in a while because I canâÂÂt help but see the humor in everything. Even the Cub apologists.

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***"Most are just looking for a quick opinion, not orders to list back model numbers, serial numbers and spec numbers."***
Well, for those folks, they can quickly decide whether they want to play ball on this team, or go over to the little league.
We ask for critical info because because you can't paint detail work with a 6" wide brush or a roller.

As to requesting a new thread be started:
Each member that comes to the forum with a problem/question has an issue that is unique to that person. And they may have tacked their issue onto an old thread that has already been used (abused) to delve into several other independent issues that may have only the manufacturer's name plate in common, or maybe not even that much in common.
For those of us who like to sing from the same sheet of music as the rest of the choir, this resembles a riot of information where everybody is talking about different subjects.....all at the same time. So it is in the best interest of all parties to have a new thread created by the person seeking knowledge, instead of writing on someone's coattail.

I don't have a problem with humor being interjected into the dialogue, but pointed personal jabs are a real turn off.
I try to maintain the viewpoint that different folks can tolerate different levels of wit or sarcasm while others are easily scraped or hurt by remarks, and so I try to temper my remarks somewhat. I look at it like any other "group of friends" or acquaintances, Some of the group will relish in picking on someone else, and someone will always be the one to get peeved by the picking. Life goes on!
75% entertainment????? If someone is seeking entertainment.......hooo boy......maybe go the the comics strips or cartoon central for that. I think (and hope) that most people come to the forum to get real help with a problem and could not care less about how witty (or not) the responding members are.
So, I'll just keep on being myself, asking for clarification and extra data when needed....and hope that I can help folks learn something and save a buck or two.
Knowledge is a powerful (and satisfying) asset, I hope to gain as much of it as possible and redistribute it to others, and have fun doing it.

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The key is not to call people names like roller girl and such. It is best to make fun of inanimate objects like their junky Cub.

Time to go check the posts on the Laundry forum.

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Laundry club... great place for Roller Girls to hang out and natter about other people's junky cubs. Must be a blast.

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