Soil Conditioner

fivemurfs(6.5 TN)August 12, 2008

I've tried all sorts of mulches over the years for my perennial beds and the one I like best comes in bags at Lowes, labeled soil conditioner. It keeps down the weeds, decomposes slowly (unlike pine needles) doesn't rob the plants of nitrogen (like Midnight Black mulch), stays loose (unlike some mulches that harden on top and prevent water from penetrating) smells good and has a nice light consistency.

This is only the second year I've used it, and I'm wondering if anyone here can tell me what it is made of and what are the long term negatives and/or benefits.

Thanks for your help.

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kqcrna(z6 SW Oh)

It should say somewhere on the bag, usually in fine print somewhere near the bottom of the bag, what it is made of. Pine fines are often sold as soil conditioner, and my guess is that that's what you have. It's very small pieces of pine bark, about fingernail size and even smaller.

However, I once bought a bag of something labeled soil conditioner which was a rock type material, similar to vermiculite.


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If i'm not mistaken I've seen and bought bags of "compost" at lowes, and some of the bags came from a diff. company or something and I think it was labeled soil conditioner.

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